Open de Montpellier #5


Name: Open de Montpellier #5

Dates: October 8-9

Location: Montpellier, Parc Montcalm

Format: 3v3, 12 teams preferred (16 max) random draw after, 4 slots for MTP (2/3rd rule)


:snake: Sssalut ! :snake:

Do you want to sssssummon your tribe, sssip ssssome beer, sssscoop the ball on the court!
If that ssssounds fun, come to l’Open de Montpellier Bike Polo #5 on october 8 & 9th 2022, at our home court in the parc Montcalm.

Thanks to Nadège Feron for the artwork and the community management :hibiscus:

We’re looking forward to meet and see you :heart:


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Registration open:
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Registered so far before draw
CQFD (Birdeaux, Fr) - La Vik (C) / Marceau / TBA

will move this to the category concerning. Tournaments > UPCOMING TOURNAMENTS.


free agent :sunglasses:


@JasonEnVelo please, update the teamlist :upside_down_face::pray:t3:

CQFD La Vik Bordeaux, Marceau Bordeaux, Anne-Lise Bordeaux

Margarita Nathalie Geneve, Christian Bern, Pyetro Milano

La pote et Oz Jonas Grenoble, Victor’tilla Grenoble, Victor’tue ninja Grenoble

Mandales Morgan lyon, fonzo Lyon, Samir Berk plage

Équipe marabout Reno Lyon , Alex Lyon, Dani

Bordeaux Bike Fox Céleste Bordeaux, Gaspard Bordeaux, Bernard Bordeaux

OKLM Grégory Carcassonne, Kostia, Perpignan Henri, Perpignan

Latina Thunder Victor Rodriguez Pamplona, Antonio Cervantes London, Partiki Alicantes

Bipe Lolo mtp, Martin Paris, TBA

Oh schnaps! Jovina Vienne, Jason Montpellier, Toma Bourges

Captain Captain Parcim Toulouse, Mac fly MontpellierNon

Bip-Bip Pablo Montpellier, Svenja Bordeaux, Benoit Bordeaux

Holy Shit Luca Paparella Pescara, Matthew Pescara, Bozo Milan

Team 1 montpellier: Picsouph StouphMontpellier, Pix Montpellier, Ladina Berne

Team 2 montpellier: ALLÔ Maxence Montpellier, Victor Montpellier, Thomas Montpellier

Team 3 montpellier: TBA Air Thouin Paris, Daf Montpellier, Rem’s Montpellier


thank you Jason!

there is a mistake: I play with @Nathalie and @Chrigu in the Margarita team

Dear all

details are coming soon,

Finalise registration
Please pay registration on paypal within 7 days:
20€ per person, free for MTPBP paying members

find your host on telegram,

Stan: paris
Pablo: bordeaux, spaniards
Jason oh schnaps & swiss
Macfly: captain
Max: grenoble
Daf: lyon, nantes, perpi
Stouph: piks, ladina, & italians (to be confirmed)
Rems: jfran

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