Polocamp Wördern #2


More infos soonish



We are very much looking forward to welcome you to Polocamp Wördern!

Max amount of people: 50 Poloplayers – we experienced it’s a good size of group to this location – if more ppl register, there will be a waiting list.
friends&family who don´t play polo are welcome too of course, you let us know in the registration form how many, so we can count them in for food&drinks!

LOCATION: St. Andrä-Wördern – Hockey Court https://www.google.com/maps/place/Red+Dragons+Lair/@48.3397522,16.2270324,15z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x2a7ee77ec4cb589f!8m2!3d48.3397026!4d16.2269814 10

This year we have 3 days in a row, bcs the 15th is a public holiday!
Arrival: Saturday morning 10.00 (if you want to camp from Friday 18.00, its possible, but there will be a hockey-training)
Departure: Monday evening 18.00 (possible to camp until tuesday 11.00)

It’s a Polocamp and not a Tournament! We can play whenever we want. There are lights, we can officially use until 22.00!
There is the idea that you can offer a WORKSHOP if you like (f.e. reffing/ raclette/ wheelieturn/ …).

So far the Plan is to shuffle Pickup-Groups (morning, afternoon, evening), inbetween there will be workshops (scooping, reffing, etc) and “under18yearsPOLO”

Besides that, we want to give space for all ideas or compromises and create an amazing weekend together with fun and Polove!!

There will be a bike mechanic stand hosted by our favorite FLINTA* Bikeshop https://www.velopeaches.com/

For Poloplayers: € 30, -/person

Please transfer the money until 12.8. on paypal: paypal.me/sewiystreetwear

For people you bring who don`t play polo: free donation for the food.
If you registered more persons than yourself in the google form, they will be calculated in for the food.

We will provide vegan food for the whole camp (Saturday-Monday), the food will be included in the registration fee (court/food/facilities)!
Bringing own food: pls consider our spaces in the fridges are limited

Cooking: we will cook on a big gas stove and also BBQ is possible, help for cooking is appreciated!

Cleaning: There will be a schedule for tasks (cooking/cleaning) on the camp! help for cleaning is very much appreciated! :slight_smile:
Beer: we are planning on organizing a Beer-Tap (Self-Service). 1 Beer (0,5L) = €2,-

Tent: we can camp next to the court on a grass area which is also a playground, it`s important we build the tents on the edge of the area and close to each other, so the locals can use it! Pls keep that in mind!
Car: there is a small parking lot, you can also sleep in the car.
Toilets and hot showers are provided.
its possible to camp from friday 18.00 - tuesday 11.00! Important note: we have officially booked (and paid) the court only saturday-monday, also there might be hockey players training on friday evening. So no polo on friday&tuesday, sorry! but the toilets&showers will be available!

HOUSING BEFORE AND AFTER THE CAMP in Vienna: Please send an email to bikepolo.vie@gmail.com with the exact dates when you need housing in Vienna, and we´ll try to find a place to stay! (keep in mind, you can camp friday 18.00 - tuesday 11.00)

To access the camp it is mandatory to be either vaccinated/tested/healed from corona!! Please come tested anyway!

Vienna – it’s a 25min. Trainride to Vienna “St. Andrä-Wördern - Heiligenstadt”
Playground next to Court for Kids
Swimming in the Danube – 5 min. Bikeride

for further discussions you can use Poloverse: Polocamp Wördern #2

for further questions answer to this email adress: bikepolo.vie@gmail.com

there is also a Signal Group Chat you can join: https://signal.group/#CjQKIKElUxMkw9KVJvuVnw3C9MG7-JMkmtqXBYWhJWIhx3k4EhDVFy3fPJ4rkNmuZ2I4-_Xt

Lots of Polove, Astrid & Johanna
Bikepolo Vienna


So far registered:

40 poloplayers
10 friends/family

10 kids (yay there will be a “under16yearspoloonly” workshop) :smile:
2 Dogs

Soo that means there are ~10 spots to register left…


Dear People, the Polocamp is FULL…
if you register from now on, you´ll be on the waiting list!


  1. Raphi, VIE + Ida(5y)&Luzia(8y)
  2. Daniela, VIE
  3. Johanna, VIE
  4. Mateen, VIE
  5. Io, VIE
  6. Omayra, Mexico/VIE
  7. Mischa, VIE
  8. Astrid, Vie
  9. Jovina, VIE
  10. Tina, VIE
  11. Mateusz, VIE/Zakopane +2persons maybe
  12. Ana, VIE
  13. Jonas, Berlin + Anna&Adam maybe
  14. Emilio + Gabi, Berlin
  15. Peter, Maribor
  16. Momo, Berlin
  17. Gitti, Berlin
  18. Kim van Dijk, Berlin + 1 friend maybe
  19. Aljoscha, Lehsten/Berlin/Hamburg + Mitja(14y)
  20. Filippa, LPZ
  21. Luise, LPZ
  22. Ernestine, LPZ
  23. Richie, LPZ
  24. Christiane, LPZ
  25. Rita, Berlin
  26. Andreas Tiele, Büppel + 1person, 1 kid
  27. Tamas ERTZ, Budapest + 1person
  28. David Corrin, Melbourne
  29. Felix, Kautzen +kids maybe
  30. Clement, Brüssel +Luce (14y)
  31. Liza R, Kyiv/Berlin
  32. Jason, Montpellier
  33. Levin, Halle
  34. Leo, Bern
  35. Franziska Müller, Munich
  36. Victor, Bordeaux
  37. Svenja, Bordeaux
  38. Zappa, Graz
  39. Sepp, International
  40. Benoit, Bordeaux
  41. August, Gaimershaim
  42. Emily, San Francisco
  43. Jonas, Graz
  44. Max, Graz
  45. Ladina, Bern
  46. Allison, NYC
  47. Beagle, London
  48. Samira, Vie
  49. Georg, VIE
  50. Django, BCN
  51. Andi, linz

Looking forward to see you :heart_eyes:


Join the Polocamp Signal groupchat if you like:

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Dear polo peeps!
Please tell us if you can’t come! We will send an email soon!

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we updated the list!


Counting the days! Can’t wait 🫶🏻


I’ll be there Friday night til Saturday afternoon. I can pay what I owe for food and the court. I can do a raclette workshop on Saturday and explain rules. I am not registered and I don’t care. Deal with it!


I have a ticket Wien/Brüssel on Tuesday the 16th Night train to let for cheap because Brecht canceled the camp… private 6 persons compartment but only Luce and me atm

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Pls keep in mind that the camp officially starts on Saturday morning! On Friday night there will be a hockey training (17-21.30), and therefore no polo!



Big props to the organizers!! Wish you all an amazing experience! :purple_heart:

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Thank you all , thank you Bike Polo Vienna

Being there was again a pleasure and it was even more with Luce, how you all warm welcomed, helped, taught her and cheering at her. We both have heart shaped stars in our eyes. Luce told me at the beginning of the camp that our sport is super cool, and at the end how you are all wonderful and that we have to book already for next year…

Quality polo, quality workshops, quality food and party.

Oh my fucking god!

Many many many thanks again

Love you all


Thank you for all the tenderness, love, kindness and support! It was great to have you here, I had so much fun and so many emotions showing up (good ones though). Special thanks to astrid for main Organisation and for the food :heart::fire::heart:. It was amazing.
Don’t hesitate to share your pictures to keep the feeling alive :slight_smile:


I am very happy to hear that we were able to create an invironment where Luce felt comfortable to play Bikepolo!!! It was also a pleasure to watch that progress she made! Thx for coming… :black_heart::black_heart::black_heart:


thank you so much, Gitti! The pictures are amazing!