1.3.3. Mallets update on size and diameters [NEW RULE]

1.3.3. Mallets Shaft The shaft must be made of a metal alloy or composite material thatis not
susceptible to break from what is considered normal play.
shaft materials as been narrowed to only metal alloy and composite ( carbon ? ) i havent seen a bamboo shaft or resin shaft (el club) in years but they did exist The gripped end of the shaft must be plugged or sealed. The shaft must not protrude through the bottom of the mallet head by
more than 3mm.
shafts can now sticks out of a mallet head up to 3mm to accomodate new range of carbon shaft. The mallet head is made of a material that does not shatter, break or
wears down to a sharp edge. A mallet must have an elongated shape and have only two (2) end-sides. The mallet head must be securely fastened to the shaft. The maximum length may not exceed 130mm at its longest point
change of head length max from 150 to 130mm The maximum outside diameter may not exceed 65mm at its widest
point. The diameter of any hole at its outermost edge on the mallet head may
not exceed 59mm at its widest point.
change of diameter hole maximum from 58 to 59mm The minimum wall thickness between the outer diameter of the
head and the outermost diameter of the hole is 1.5 ± 0.5mm.
a minimum wall thickness is now defined to 1.5mm at the scooping end / lips


Oof. This seems dangerous. Is it necessary?

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For the praap style tick connects a lot of times you need to have some sticking out of the end, since it goes through both walls of the head. 3mm is pretty minimal, it’s not like you’re going to get cored on it.