Jousting and safety of jousters Jousting players must maintain a straight line until a player makes contact with
the ball

with this current wording ,its still allowed to perform a dangerous cut of the jousting player line as soon as he touched the ball.

re wording should ensure both jousters respect each other lines at all time. if a team wants to " concede the joust" it should be done in a safe way with the jouster-now-conceiding stopping way before, or showing moderate speed.

Let’s get rid of the joust.


What would you propose instead of a joust? Hockey face-off? Side joust?

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Flip the coin.
Maybe I’m wrong but the joust is too risky for what you have at the end, even with the rules.

1st game of whbpc, team talk : " nobody gets hurts !"

1st joust 1min later, I was 90% of the distance, full speed. The other player was 75%, no chance to get the ball : he turned to my direction.
Luckily, I had my head up and was able to stop/turn by forgetting the ball. No call from the ref.

On crashes like these you brake bikes and bones easily.

That said, i’ll keep going as long as there is a joust :rofl:.


i saw these. i think we could ban a player from the game for cutting someones trajectory on a joust just they take their time to read the rule right

What about hockey start with two persons in the middle and the other persons at the boards… And as soon as the game starts the other persons are allowed to start…

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I am all in for the hockey joust. It’s more about balance, mallet and ball handling

For hockey starts, we need the ref to be on the court + mallets swing everywhere + we are not protected as hockey players … not sure it will be less dangerous at the end …

In my head, face-off happens with both bikes (static) parallel to the middle line.

I don’t see why a ref is necessary on the court nor why any of those two players would attempt swinging their mallet in a dangerous manner.


Yeah, ball lies on the ground, you do three taps on the opponent’s shaft and then who ever gets the ball gets it - works OK

But overall i like the classic joust better - if we can get people to stop being dangerous morons :slight_smile:


I’ve yet to hear a compelling negative to a side joust. lower speed, just as much acceleration where it counts.

so what makes it safer ?

I believe there’s a bit of definitial confusion happening regarding different methods of the game start. This is how I would tell them apart:

  1. Regular joust: Ball in center. One of each team goes for the ball starting from behind player’s own goal (back wheel touching the wall)
  2. Side joust: Ball in center. One of each team goes for the ball starting from the side walls (back wheel touching the side wall)
  3. Hockey-like face-off: Ball in center. One of each team stands parallel to middle line in mallet reach of the ball. Both players tap each others mallets three times before going for the ball.

Some might refer to #3 also as “side joust” even though there’s no actual jousting motion involved.

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