6-bolt vs center lock hub/rotor for polo?

Any preference between 6-bolt and center lock rotor for polo? Is one better than the other in terms of robustness, weight, set up?

I read somewhere 6-bolt is better because it doesn’t require a cassette lockring tool and big wrench.

What about the unused disc mount on the rear hub? Is 6-bolt or CL better or worse for polo in terms of weight or getting damaged being on the bike without a rotor mounted?

rear doesnt matter , ive never heard of damages on the hubshell

for the front 6 bolts allows you to run the cheapest rotor discs ( 5£ clarks works great for me and the metal pads)

center locks discs are more expensive / linked with heat dispersion systems its a bit useless and expensive if you bend them often at polo

are you also dusting off dillman and halvoersen ?


There is always play wtih center lock after a moment,


If you are buying a rear hub and are wondering whether to get centrelock or ISO disc mount I would consider which one has the greatest distance between the flanges as that will make for a stronger wheel. When deciding which onyx rear to buy, given there is currently no non-disc option, I went for centrelock as it slightly increased the flange to flange measurement…

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Yeah, Im actually leaning toward getting a set of Paul hubs with a WI freewheel. Paul actually makes a single speed non disc rear hub. So the flanges are wider spaced than a disc hub…. But the flanges are low and don’t match the front disc hub :frowning:

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Good point about cheaper to replace rotors on the 6 bolt

I talk to Dillman and Kremin often yeah we probably should dust those guys off

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this flange spacing theory is def not to take in account, there is loads of builds on 11 speed cassettes hubs and ive never seen a failure due to this

what ive seen a few time tho, is a freewheel stripping the threads clean on a hub ( or is it the opposite ?)on some repeated joust acceleration.

also cassettes allow to ride different ratio easily ! some courts are wide some are narrow , and no one wants to spin around big cities on a polo ratio so commuting gears are common

the only good thing about the paul hub / wi setup is the weight , and ive seen them last 15 years too