ABC-Winter league?

Do we want to do one?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Depending on the format

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i think it would be a nice idea and i would be in depending on when it’s going to happen :slight_smile:

for me personally it would make sense to start in autumn already since i won’t be able to play from mid february on for at least two months (or more). also it would still be warm(er)…


maybe we should start with the orga next week after the öhbpm…
i think 9 pro/0 con can count as lets do it

there is one voter depends on the format…
so what format would you suggest?

We should also figure out how we do the ABC categories… I think a Google form answering questions/ with self evaluation would be nice…

We could do it like we did it once - everyone ranks everyone

Hmm I’d prefer if the situation, where you have to judge other ppl/ each other, is kept as low as possible (back then I didn’t join the winter league BCS this way made me feel uncomfortable)

Whats the matter with people ranking themselves? Or have there also been problems with in the past?

… as far as I can remember we never tryed “self-ranking” for a Vienna-Intern-League. I beliefe self rating -with the exisitng short survey-would work.

i think self-ranking is a good idea. what is the existing survey?

I mean the questionnaire they often use for ABC tournaments. For example at Mallet dolorosa or in Leipzig. If we don’t have it yet, I can ask Richi.