Alpha Shaft

Hello, I launch 3 shaft :slightly_smiling_face: :

The First Is tapered

Alpha 9-16

  • 9mm to 16mm
  • thickness 1mm
  • 141gr for 100cm
  • Round shape of link with the “chantal” fixing to eliminate stresses.
  • easy to untwist on a big shot
  • 20€ link to shop

photo_2023-03-28_07-52-58 photo_2023-03-28_07-53-35


The 2 next shaft requires an insert to be mounted on a mallet head


This insert is removable (so if you break shaft, you change only the tube)
It can be use alone or with chantal for best grip

photo_2023-03-28_07-52-55 photo_2023-03-28_07-52-57
photo_2023-03-28_07-52-58 photo_2023-03-28_07-52-58 (2)


ALPHA light 18x0.7

  • This shaft is not adapted to all players, because of its thickness it is less tolerant to shocks than the current shafts, but it offers a great lightness!
  • OD 18mm (not tapered)
  • Thickness 0.7mm
  • Alloy 7075-T6.
  • 110gr for 100cm
  • color raw
  • shaft 12€ link to shop & Insert 18*0.7 12€ link to shop



ALPHA Strong 18x0.9

  • OD 18mm (not tapered)
  • Thickness 0.9mm
  • 7001-T6 is a high strength alloy, superior to 7075-T6.
  • 153gr for 100cm
  • shaft 16€ link to shop & Insert 18*0.7 12€ link to shop

photo_2023-03-29_08-20-26 photo_2023-03-29_15-02-25

I hope you will like them :blush:

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