Ankle Open - Ankle Open - International Bikepolo Tournament 2023

Ankle Open final fb-pv

It´s happening again! All the Coolpolo People go past Vienna and come to Graz…

3v3 Bikepolo Tournament
29th April - 30th April
16 Teams

Registration via Email, starting on saturday, 25th march 19:00
First come, first serve!

send teamname and players (+city), max. 1 TBA
After the teamlist is published we will send you an e-mail for your conformation with registration-fee payment = 60€ per team. You have to pay in advance via paypal or bank transfer, but you will get further information.
IF you send your mail too early = dismissed!
IF you ask for teamlist = dismissed!
IF you tell us Bikepolo Vienna is the best club in the world = dismissed!

Further infos coming soon!


Hoffentlich diesmal mit weniger Unfällen. :crossed_fingers:


I would like to ask you about…

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… Why Bikepolo Vienna sucks?

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  1. SALCHICHAS CON SALSA - Alejandro, Django, Jonas (Barcelona/Kärnten/Graz)
  2. UNDER PRESKER - Max, Lea, Zappa (Graz)
  3. TBA - Hollywood, Bernd, Felix (Graz)
  4. CARAMEL - Max, Eliška, Greg (Prague/Zurich) :moneybag:
  5. GEPLANTE OBPOLOSZENZ - tba, Stefan, kuba (Vienna) :moneybag:
  6. HUMAN FISH - Peter, David, Miguel (Maribor/Vienna) :moneybag:
  7. DIAGONAL BOI - Ana, Top, Gallo (Vienna/Milano) :moneybag:
  8. KOLOMAN - Alča, Martin, Mateen (Prague/Vienna) :moneybag:
  9. ZURI - Migi, Sam, Mishu (Zurich) :moneybag:
  10. GRANATAPFEL - Christopher, Andi, Hansi (Linz) :moneybag:
  11. SEVEN ELEVEN - Georg, Philipp, Max (Linz) :moneybag:
  12. SPAGHETTI EIS - Frix, Tony, Kevin (Hannover/London/Bielefeld) :moneybag:
  13. ENORM IN FORM - Christoph, Levi, Julius (Leipzig/Halle) :moneybag:
  14. BENG BENG - Olej, Turbo, Aldo (Krk/Waw/Zg) :moneybag:
  15. VERY ANNOYING PEOPLE - Tony, Rita, Mateusz Madej (Berlin) :moneybag:
  16. WAITING LIST - Astrid, Paul (Vienna), Kosik (3City, PL) :moneybag:

Free agent :grin:

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If you play with tony and liz it would be a 3 lefty team… just saying


@Tony_Makarony @Liz @LeftyPaul

Please team up. Three lefties would be veeeeery annoying. :smiley:


29xp-meme-videoSixteenByNineJumbo1600-v6 Medium

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Team number 15. needed to make some personal changes, (nobody got hurt), so it’s gonna be like this from now on:

Rita Lüthi
Mateusz Madej
Tony Makarony

Peace and cu soon



Congrats to everyone who was fast enough to register.

  • As always the Tournament will take place in Volksgarten. It is a protected Zone by the police. That means they are allowed to check your ID without a reason, check if you have drugs or illegal stuff. So please don´t take illegal stuff to volksgarten and always have an ID card with you. And riding your bike in volksgarten is illegal too… ACAB

  • Sleeping: We rent Club Hybrid (Herrgottwiesgasse 161) from friday till monday. It’s a nice little Location where you can Camp at the areal. There are also toiletts and showers we can use.
    So bring your tent and sleeping bags. A few camping vans can park there as well but just on the asphalt / gravel not in the grass.
    Parking in Herrgottwiesgasse is for free.

  • We provide breakfast and lunch each day!

  • reg fee: we want to ask you to send 60€ via paypal friends and family to until april 15th. IF I didn´t recieve the money until then, the first of the waitinglist will take your spot.

The Plan for the weekend:


We build up the court in Volksgarten and then play some pick ups and hang around. Helping hands for the built up are always appreciated :slight_smile:
In the evening we will be at Club Hybrid (Herrgottwiesgasse 161)


morning group starts at 8:30. There will be breakfast at the court. And we will provide lunch as well.
In the evening there will be a party at “Die Brücke”, where we probably go to. We dont know for sure now…


Start at 8:30. Breakfast will be at the court. On Sunday there is “Schlagergarten Gloria” in Volksgarten, so Party the whole day.
You will get a voucher for 1x meal for “Flying kitchen” vegan food truck. Go and get some great food there!


Dismanting the court. Please help

I hope I didn’t forget anything…

… except Bikepolo Vienna will always be uncool


yo, free agent too!

would love to visit graz at that of the year, heard it’s great (the closest to saying anything bad about vienna for now)

btw @Jojo1312 is there any waiting list?

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Nope. No waitinglist for now. :woman_shrugging: you would be the first

Hellooo, i am also a spontaneous available free agent or sub!! :slight_smile: @Jojo1312 am i the first now on the waiting list? :slightly_smiling_face:

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Im also available, maybe You would like to register as a team? I talked with @LeftyPaul to join together and he is ok, i dont know You guys, but its not important, im sure it wll be great tournament :slight_smile:


chachachanges: GEPLANTE OBPOLOSZENZ - tba, Stefan, Kuba (Vienna)
paypal paid today. :slight_smile:

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Team SowieletztesJahr can not participate. waitinglist activated.

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Team Waitinglist is in!!! ❤‍:fire::fire:


unfortunately our team is completely out. have fun and enjoy the weekend.

Team KOLOMAN in afternoon group please.

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