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hi , just wondering if there is many like me who constantly ask other polo people about bike parts compatibility etc.

im creating this topic so a new player dont have to go through all the yourubes tuto just to figure out he just didnt get the right parts.

so ask any question here !


my current struggle :

how do i choose my spindle length ?

i know my bottom bracket shell size (68mm)
i know my rear hub size (135mm)

so how do i choose the most effective crankset / spindle length ? im trying to avoid having too much spacers ( im currently running 3 spacers in my bottom bracket and 2 spacers on the spindle + the pre load ( raceface turbine )

what am i missing ?

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Love the idea! I have bought more than enough parts in my 6+ years of playing (currently on my 3rd bike, a dipaolo frame) that didnt fit at all!
@OGxBENJI: you might get some info for your decision at Max Power’s “Tech Talk”:

good basics ! but they are not really covering my problem ie how to calculate my spindle length.

in most case the crankset compatibility will just say “compatible with 68/73 bottom brackets” but i would like to know how to get rid of the excess spacers on my next crankset purchase

i dont mind having spacers on the bottom bracket but i dont like having spacers on the spindle :thinking:


i finally got rid of the creaking noise on my raceface turbine cranks. they come with a nylon “pre loader” ring that allow you to adjust the gap usually filled by spacers. i replaced it with a cane creek aluminium one (33£ brand new ordered from the cool local bike shop)

here is pics and a breakdown of the setup:

turbine raceface 30mm spindle ( most cranks spindle are 24mm) (90£ on ebay second hand)
T47 chris king bottom bracket External or X (there is a internal one as well) (100€ on troc velo second hand)

Stolen garage recomanded me the T47 BB Shell and after researching on it it sound like a good idea if you want bombproof combo : bigger spindle size is more stiffer and not much weight difference. the T47 BB has bigger bearing sizes in. hopefully it will outlast me.