Ball change during the game

How to deal with it when the game is still on?

For more context: it’s hot and the ball gets like a rubber ball very fast.


And is it possible that the team in possession can ask for ball change and keeps the ball afterwards?


Sounds like that rule will get abused, if I am in a 1v3 situation and somehow get possession for a second I would surely want a ball change!

I think the way it is usually handled by yelling at the ref and have the ref stop the game at their own discretion is fairer!

Edit: but possession should be kept, agreed!


How about , to ask ball change you have to have all 3 players in your half of the pitch and you need to have clear possesion of the ball. Hard to abuse this.

we kind of agreed while discussing:

  1. Someone yelling for new ball
  2. Ref decides when to stop the game-similar to side switch
  3. New ball enters
  4. restart-posession is kept


I agree with @momo take from back then:

it should be usually enough to be able to request ball changes during any other “naturally occurring” stoppage (ball out, goal, foul, …)

To me this worked well enough in Perpignan. Unless you are telling me we had worse condition in Vienna in June than Perpignan in August? The same weekend I spend cold in the rain in Italy? :eyes:

Because any other option seems like it would/could get abused easily:

This gives you an easy option for a tactical stop whenever you want.

Also tournaments run on a tight enough schedule, adding all this game restart procedure of “are you ready? ARE YOU READY? bla bla” for replacement of soft balls will add a lot of dead time.


Thank you! Helps a lot.

Haven’t played in Perpignan but from the spectators perspective the melting madness (therefore the weather conditions) was worse there. But it was quite “warm” (and sunny)

Idk about Perpignan but in Vienna that was definitely not enough. The ball got soft within max 4 minutes I would guess and we had some games that had almost no foul/goal/whatsoever…

wich balls did you use in vienna and which temperature was the weather ?

my take is no fresh ball mid play, only during stopage of play ( after a goal , after the ball is out , after a time out)
and ideally you have to swap for a identic ball , not going froo mid weather ball to hot summer ball in the middle of a game

imo its up to the organiser / club to provide the proper equipment for their tournament ( and i would like them to post it in the tournament announcement ! )

imo there is still too many assumptions behind which ball is ok to be used.

if the tournament organizer decide to play with a mid weather ball during hot summer , its a bad choice , it shouldnt allow player for asking iced balls mid game

here is a break down of my favorite temperatures to play with these balls , i think they fit the standard of most competitive players : just enough bounce to move it / control it , but not too hard so passing/ reception is still possible. i find a ball too hard when even on a regular pass the bounce is unpredictable.

green balls are currently the coldest balls around i could find -2° to about 8°

there is two type of hot pink balls : 25° c ones and +35°c ones , the second type do NOT need icing unless maybe you play in 45°C in arizona( we p’ayed with them in perpignan )

you can make tell the two pink balls apart with the graduation : its not present on the 35+ ones



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The balls used in Vienna were all summer balls, all the same type as far as I could tell, and they were all orange. I’ve never seen green balls, and I didn’t know there was these super hot summer balls - we were even discussing about why such a thing doesn’t exist, it can’t be that hard?? Well apparently they exist. I only know orange Winter balls, pink mid range and orange summer…

yes, it was all new orange summer balls from roger and i dont think it had more than 30 degrees.
next time we’ll look for the super hot balls for sure ;)


you can order the pinks and the yellow on the milk website

the green are very old batch and no longer produced, you can find them rarely in some players pockets in the UK mainly

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Thank god that the green ones running out-i really have troubles seeing them

true , i hate when the ball is the same color as the mallet heads too