Bench de la galette #8 TOURS, France

Hi all !

The famous Bench de Galette comes back for the 8th time the next 11 & 12th MARCH, at Tours, France.
Double court indoor + an extra space just above to chill in the warm.
Free entrance all the week-end for visitors.

The below information is yet to be completed. Stay tuned :stopwatch: :eyes: :fire:

10 teams of 5 players, games of 40 minutes with shifts.

Round Robin : everybody meets everybody ! Elimination for the TOP


Fees are 20€/player and include : court renting, 2 breakfasts and the Sunday’s lunch.


We will do our best to host all the teams at home, but it’s not impossible that some people will need to find their own accomodation.

Saturday : no break, you eat what you want, when you want. :wink:
Sunday : lunch all together, the break will be before the final phase. The meal will probably be home made, and there will be for sure vegeterian and vegan versions.

[Team list]

  • One slot is saved for the winners of the last season (at least 4 players must be the same ones)
  • Several slot will be saved for Tours Bike Polo players. Details TBA.


We come back very soon with all the detaaails :bike: :tornado:

Please see the Facebook event for the french version : Bench de la Galette #8

I wanna play! Let me know if you need someone.
I know it’s gonna be hard, I know it’s way above my game level but I just wanna play ^^
Good mood guaranted!

veeery interesting

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Hi all !
The registration is opening veeeery soon !! (at the earliest this afternoon and at the latest, next monday) But don’t worry, it will be a lottery, so no need to be in the starting blocks :wink:

Even earlier than announced, the registration has just opened !
Good luck !

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Hi everybody ! It’s been one week already since the results were announced ! Congratulations to all that were drawn :partying_face:

We are really sorry for those who didn’t… We hope to see you soon in another tournament now :hugs: In the meantime, we keep you in our waiting list to make you play, in case any player cancels !

Here the list of teams, just FIY, and because there were some changes since last monday. :wink:
We will write to each team’s captain very soon for the further information (hosting, party, payment, etc.)
Stay tuned !


LYON BIKE POLO : Morgan (Lyon), Parcim (Lyon), Vincent (Lyon), Alphonse (Lyon), Alban (Lyon)

BANC TOWERS : Quentin (Lyon), Dani (Paris), Rem’s (Montpellier), Quentin (Nantes), Théo (Nantes)

ROLLING ROOSTERS XXL : Valentin (Tours), Fabien (Tours), Ronan (Tours), Nicolas (Tours), Dadou (Tours)

ZIZOU : Arthur (Tours), Remy (Tours), Baptiste (Tours), Reno (Lyon), Thomas (Paris)

LES COSMOPOLITAINS : Florent (Tours), Justine (Tours), Corentin (Nantes), Johann (Nantes), Thomas (Montpellier)

LA PLANETE SAUVAGE : Anne-Claire (Tours), Pietro (Milan), Top (Milan), Faz (Lyon), Samir (Nantes)

INTERNATIONAL POLO CLUB : Tomtox (Paris), Nathalie (Geneve), Clément (BXL), Greg (Zurich), Pablo (Lille)

JEAN VALJEAN MEMOR : Victor (Bordeaux), Gaspard (Bordeaux), Pablo (Montpellier), Marceau (Montpellier), Jérôme (Paris)

RASTA ROCKET : Romain (Paris), Julien (Cologne), Cathal (Montpellier), Ben (Montpellier), Stouph (Montpellier)

ORANGES SANGUINES : Pix (Montpellier), Jason (Montpellier), Vincent (BXL), Brice (BXL), Remy (Fribourg)


TURBO SILVER EDITION : Léo (Saint-Nazaire), Ronan, (Paris) Alex (Paris), Lucas, (Marseille) Florian (Brest)

DIDIERS : Théo, Quentin, Alexis (Nantes), Baptiste (Bruxelles)

MAMAN J’AI RATE LA BALLE : Donatien, (Rouen) Baptiste, (Rouen), Yann (Rouen), Gauthier (Lille), Toma (Nantes)

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Hi everybody !

For those who would want to see the beautiful photos of the Bench from LD Photographies, here are the links :wink:

If you chose to share them on social network, don’t forget to tag @LDPhotographies, please :slight_smile:

About the tournament, we also created a form few days ago to know your thoughs and what you liked or disliked so we can do even better next times :wink:
If you could please take 5-10 min max. to fulfil it, it would help us a lot :smiley:

Thank you and see you soon :v:

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