berlin:mixed 2023

The 2023 edition of berlin:mixed, the big co-ed mixed gender tournament with 48 teams and 3 courts, will happen between the 28th and 30st of July.

In case of any issues or questions, contact, or ask away on Poloverse, either in the main event topic or under the “berlinmixed23” tag here is some info on how to follow a tag on Poloverse.

Team List:

Team Nr Name Player A Player 2 Player iii
1 J’Adore Hardcore Julia Emílio Aislan
2 Stadionverbot Jasper Mielke Kim Dierkes Alex Ritze
3 Mad Egal Nic Daniel G Lisa T
4 five kids frieda robert chris
5 MnM’s Maritza Marco Nelson
6 Footschi Johanna Adam Max
7 Its FunkyTime! Sebastian (Basti) Conny Nicolas (Nico the Kid)
8 The Orthodogs Daniil Lishka Ilya
9 Court A Kim v D Phil Michi
10 Best Rookie Team in Town Maryse Napoleoni Damien Kervella Jonas Lederer
11 AnRaKev Kevin Radka André
12 Baking Bad Enrico EZ Lette Shelley
13 Dankeschön Anne Lise Karsten Momo
14 Your secret crush Gabi Miggi Raimo
15 Zitroneneis Maria Jonas Frics
16 khomaram bheem Max Newstead Leon elishka
17 fivtyfivtydurchdrei Rita Sepp Holger
18 Los Polos Hermanos Oliver Simon Paddy
19 Fahrrafahrra Ewa Kiełsznia Patryk Miczka Artur Szczepanek
20 MixedTBA Aljoscha Stadelmann Luise Scheringer Mitja Stadelmann
21 Sleepy Romantic Tony M Rita Lüthi Madej
22 donkeycorn Johanna Christopher Django
23 BAnJo smackers Aga Ben Jo
24 CAKE allison paul georg
25 The Naive Mess’impulsives Lavik Man from Earth Io
26 Happy three friends Raphi Manu Schlotti
27 little birds baptiste pablo shaki
28 Barbenheimer James F-T Keizzy A James D
29 Las tías de Rüdiger Elena Bob Izi
30 Alright my Luvvers Graham Norton Marika Thom Hylton
31 Schlamper Schlie Sebi Carsten Filippa
32 I don’t care Alča Quentin Théo
33 Berliner Babo David Miguel Tina
34 Raptus Léa Stouph Pablo
35 espresso Clemens Hick eddy ladina
36 Dilly Dally Manu Daniel Riley Quimey
37 VLC Justine Alexandre Quentin
38 Team Kette Svenja Niels Robert
39 Bockwurst Liga Reinis Kristaps
40 „Geh ins Tor Junge“ August Remy Lisa
41 am kanal du LOSER Annick Stefan Ernestine
42 JeMaKaKen Jenz Malte Katja
43 Caramba Max Nele Greg
44 Hati Hati Petra Schütz Basti Schütz Oli Burkl
45 La Luce Luce Chris Clément
46 Lorem ipsum Zita Andri Chrigu
47 we need a ref on court b Christiane Sam Richie
48 Rouge Romana Hugo Emmanuel
49 Tropical Fever Ana Pyetro William
50 DickFlip Patryk Sergey Asia
51 Litlle Shetland Ali brando Nathalie wenger Joe corset
52 Bier und Brause Johannes Clara Äri
53 Radiatori Jan Sophie Benni
54 ElenaKynclMateen Elena Kyncl Mateen
55 Ivresse Tendresse Bulle Alix Oswald Tomtox
56 Tortilla Trinidad Mazenett Moritz Schefers Wilmer
57 Bube Dame Kevin Kevin Katy Jan
58 TDJ Jule David Tomas
59 Toms and Jerry Mania Ptaku Kosik
60 Enorm in Form Judith Julius Levin
61 Eigengrau Engels Tacha Tom Louie
62 People Dem Saúl Miles Mya
63 Magic Mallets Top Omayra Emilio
64 Catastrophe Cat Jimbo Matthew Cox

Waiting list:

Team Nr Name Player A Player 2 Player iii
65 Haematom GSN Mauritio Cortez Chris Hick Anna Nitsch
66 Latin Machine Félix Morillo Uzcategui Lucía Valdelomar Cortés Antonio Cervantes
67 oh schnaps! Piks Jason Jovina
68 Drink Fast, Think Later Marika Leo Rich
68 PINK Lex Jess Jimmy
69 Polo’ndrina Pyetro Astrid Daniel

With love,


Free agent :slight_smile:

hey everybody, free agent here from Dresden. Been playing since 3 years. Hit me up :slight_smile:

Free Agent too from Brussels !

Do you need help to build a 4th court ? :upside_down_face::revolving_hearts:


Thanks for the offer. At first we always need every help that we can get to build 3 courts and if we can build a 4th court depends not only on us and the helpers. Its more a decision from the people from the Templehofer Feld. Last year we tried to convince them to build a 4th court and they said yes. But we will try it again this year.


@emilio should I expect to receive a confirmation email from this google form after registration? I didn’t receive nothing… just asking


Not yet sure when I’ll how much time before the Mixed I’ll be there, in case, you can count on me for the court building!

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polondrina registered :wink:

no confirmation e-mails, but I will post the pre-lottery list in the next few days so people can do a last minute check.


Also free agent here

Free Agent

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@emilio Lottery tomorrow? :eyes:

Juhuu hold on to your hats! We decided to extend the registration one more day and make the lottery tomorrow. Friday night has a good ring to it! So you have until tomorrow, noon, Berlin time, to register you team, and in the middle of the afternoon I’ll provide a link to a video conference so we can all chill together, watch the lottery and sing some songs!

In the meanwhile, I post the list of currently registered teams, as many people seem to have had some issues with confirming they were registered. If your team name is not here, try registering again and get in touch!

:star_struck: pre-lottery team list:

  • J’Adore Hardcore
  • Stadionverbot
  • am kanal du LOSER
  • Mad Egal
  • oh schnaps!
  • unicorn racing
  • five kids
  • KJ²
  • Berliner Babo
  • MnM’s
  • Footschi
  • Its FunkyTime!
  • we need a ref on court b
  • Schlamper Schlie
  • Magic Mallets
  • Hati Hati
  • Eigengrau Engels
  • MixedTBA (Aljoscha, Luise, Mitja)
  • The Orthodogs
  • Caramba
  • Court A
  • JeMaKaKen
  • three little birds
  • Drink Fast, Think Later
  • Fahrrafahrra
  • Lorem ipsum
  • Enorm in Form
  • G Thom Kat
  • Best Rookie Team in Town
  • Raptus
  • „Geh ins Tor Junge“
  • Catastrophe
  • Bier und Brause
  • Litlle Shetland
  • Tropical Fever
  • The Naive Miss’impulsives
  • Rouge
  • Las tías de Rüdiger
  • PINK
  • I don’t care
  • TBA (allison, paul, georg)
  • AnRaKev
  • Polo’ndrina
  • Dilly Dally
  • Baking Bad
  • BAnJo smackers
  • People Dem
  • Dankeschön
  • Haematom GSN
  • Team Kette
  • Das mangos
  • TDJ
  • Toms and Jerry
  • VLC
  • ElenaKynclMateen
  • TBC (gabi, miggi, raimo)
  • Dollar Slice
  • Bube Dame Kevin
  • Tortilla
  • Radiatori
  • Bockwurst
  • Zitroneneis
  • DickFlip
  • Latin Machine
  • Los Polos Hermanos
  • Ivresse Tendresse
  • khomaram bheem
  • Sleepy Romantic
  • Happy three friends
  • fivtyfivtydurchdrei
  • espresso

Also, for all the TBAs out there: I hate you. Come on, come up with a name and let me know!

Good luck, and see you tomorrow! :four_leaf_clover: :sun_with_face:


I completely forgot thé deadline :frowning:

Who need a third ?

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Two Australian blokes here looking for a third!

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Hey hey, slight change in schedule:

:slot_machine: the lottery will be on Monday (probably).

We are going through some organizational hiccups but it’s all gonna be beautiful. Hold tight! :heart:


We registered the team Ivresse Tendresse
Alix Bulle Tomtox

Let’s hope we will be selected


Who dat?

:rofl: so good

Me and Joel. I reckon we’ll just be coming for hangs