berlin:mixed22, parallel program


Stuff happening in/around Berlin more or less at the same time as the tournament:

I’ll try to keep this thing up-to-date when more stuff appears. Feel free to recommend things in the comments and ask about things you might be interested in…

  • 24/07 - 26/07, bike ride Leipzig/Berlin: some people are planning to ride polo bikes to Berlin from the Peppermint tournament in Leipzig a weekend before. If you are interested in joining it, say hi in this Poloverse thread.

  • 29/07, Critical Mass: If you still have energy, follow some techno blasting DJ bikes around Berlin at night. Starts at around 8 pm and goes on and on.

  • 03/08, Rookie Night: we have a rookie night every first Wednesday of the month. If you are still around on the 3rd of August, show up to get to know the new crop of players! We also play pickups on Mondays and Tuesdays, when there are 6 players interested.

Check this list often for updates.


May somebody be interested in taking part of “Pedäl Bättl 2022”? You know what I mean: “mad-max-middle ages-battle-games on bikes” and lots of fun :wink: . We’re looking for players for our team, maybe you have some bike-polo skills, but it’s not a must… Actually you don’t need anything, just to stay strong and brave! =) It’s for free. Deadline: tomorrow, Monday 4.7.22 till 9 pm. :wink: Our team is friendly and open, just write me a short e-mail & I’ll write you back soon: c.revestido AT
More info about this crazy “must see” thing under:
Ankündigung 10. Bärlin Pedäl Battle 2022 - Bärlin Pedäl Bättle

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