Bike polo drills


Some YouTube stuff:


Making Aim

PDF doc with the drills I’ve found most useful. Link includes a Spanish translation
If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

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@BigTableManners , great write-up, thanks!

two quick questions:

  1. you recommend using small hits to control the ball rather than trying to guide it continuously, why?

  2. where do you look when you take a shot? to the ball or to the goal?

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Glad you liked it and thanks for the questions.

Re 1: Well it might just be a case of me having practiced a lot on surfaces that weren’t super smooth :cowboy_hat_face: but in general i prefer the taps to a steady push because it helps to practice the weight of your touch and imo in a game situation multiple touches as opposed to steady contact help to look up and read the game while you have the ball


Question 2: Always the ball.

You’ve got to be looking at the ball to hit it clean. Doesnt matter where the goal is if you are not getting good contact.

That said, if you have time to look at the goal before you shoot, then that can help*

And if you find yourself with a lot of space and time you can look at the ball and set it in the right position for the angle of the shot > look at the goal > look back at the ball and shoot**


*although if you are shooting a one timer from a pass I reckon it is best to just keep your eye on the ball
**example just after the 12 minute mark on the vid (apologies for the self ref #halfhumble)


small tap makes the ball bounce forward, and then decelarate.

continuous guiding( with the flat /shuffle side ) will increase the ball speed continously making it prone to getting out of your control .

im a big fan of small taps because it keep my ball speed in check and allow more follow up option ( curving left , right or stop and shoot) when i feel like by guiding you have to commit to go in one general direction and keep matching the ball speed , and tap the ball back to null speed when you want it still


Like this take. Easier to keep control when you let go of control a tad #thereisnospoon

Also i know that this is not ontopic, but always looking to keep the one true culture war alive, so let me just tap in with a lil fuck you very much to scoops :angel: