Bike Polo Full Match Videos

A lazy (but helpful) way to train.

Full match videos only please. Let’s get started with this peach of a game

Dillman’s goal by playing the body and Ringers failing to stop it by doing the same :cowboy_hat_face:
Kruse showing any shot can go if you get good contact :upside_down_face:
Joey just being the :goat: and having more court awareness than anyone else :face_with_monocle:

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Fun game to watch with almost no defence.
Difference is Pilgrims are on a mission to win while the Guardians put trust into their cultivated style. Anyway just check out the difference in how each team celebrates, it says a lot imo.


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not one game in particular but Clement gvp vimeo account is loaded with videos

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Some youtube channel where you could watch full games:

-Timaru 2016
-Lexington 2017
-Córdoba 2019



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