Bike Polo Wiki

Hey Poloverse! Jordan here from London, Ontario, Canada. Pretty new to polo (Playing for maybe 8 months or so) but one of the things that has made me excited about Polo is the great community, and I would love to find ways to further build this community if I can.

I am wondering if anyone has set up a bike polo wiki in the past. It seems like there is all kinds of topics that are discussed through word-of-mouth that would benefit from some kind of documentation, like: shot types, competitions, clubs, equipment, rules.

What do you think? Has this been tried in the past? Would it be antithetical to the polo ethos in a way I am missing?


I am not sure about the past… But the future: I think Poloverse is a great place for that… You can even set posts to “wiki mode” so everybody can edit them. In the Berlin sub forum we have a post with (more or less) up to date information about which courts exist around town, for example.

There are some dead blogs, such as and others that came before my time. I wonder how safe their existence is. Maybe we could have an effort back them up on PV?