Bikepacking le marche, italia

Cari italiani

@Zita and I will do a little trip from firenze or anywhere we can easily get to by train from firenze, to the south east. We will depart on the 22nd and have to be in bari on the 26th, probably taking a train in the morning of the 26th from somewhere.

We are not taking camping stuff, so we are verrry interested to learn about cool hotels, agroturismo, super hospitable friends of yours, sights, cute villages, good restaurants, community projects….anything cool between firenze and lets say pescara.

Thank you all and see you soon hopefully :slight_smile:

@Pyetro @Luca @Danana
Tag someone who might know <3


Remy! Sorry for this very late, and probably useless reply…

Actually I don’t have much suggestions for you apart that visiting Umbria is definitely worth, and you can choose to pass trough that region!

It’s quite mountainous with lots of crazy ascents/descents but it’s totally worth! Places like Assisi, Perugia, Foligno, Norcia (and the ghost city Castelluccio di Norcia) are definitely a must to be seen there!

Sorry for not being able to tell you more, surely @Luca knows the area much better than me…

Good luck and safe travels!

Daaamn. I would have joined you!
Next time.

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A bit late yes but thank you anyway! :slight_smile: was beautiful, as expected

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