Bikes of polo ! Show me what you got

Everything is in the title, show us your setup, why where when you built, all the story behind it, we wanna know all!


Show me yours, I’ll show you mine :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

So here is my little baby made by Eddy from Frankfurt , 26", 15mm thruaxle, tapered headtube and fork, paragon rocker dropout, SNS couplers

all the specs and links after the pics

Frame Brand - Kroemer 26" // Paintjob by Schoenpaintworks
Front Wheel - Velocity Aileron 32H // Chris King ISO mtb // DTswiss Competition spokes // Continental GP 28c // Eternity Custom 15mm axle // Roger valve guard
Rear Wheel -Velocity Aileron 32H // Chris King ISO SS mtb // DTswiss Competition spokes // Continental GP 28c // Roger valve guard
Steering - Chris king I7 headset // Rticher wcs C260 90mm stem // Ritchey wcs carbon rizer handlebar // Ergon gx1 grips // Spurcycle bell // COSMIC top cap
Stopping - Hope Tech 3 Trial // Hope trial 160mm disc // ROGER discguard
Drivetrain - Chris King THREADFIT™ 30 bottom bracket, CaneCreek eewings mtb 175mm titanium cranks // Garbaruk 32t oval chainring // Boone Titanium cog 16T // KMC X11el chain
Pedals - Xpedo M8 ti or Xpedo spry magnesium
Saddle - Fabric scoop race flat ti // Ritchey wcs carbon seatpost


its already on instagram bikesofpolo :woman_shrugging:t2:

just like everything is on facebook, but the great plan is to move most of polo content here no?


and this is some premium content…BUT you forgot the one really cool thing about this bike: the inside of your crank arm :)))

wtf you run an 11spd chain?! I tore two of these and then decided to go for the single narrow one. who does it survive you?

the whole internet is never going to move here , we can use this forum for a lot of things but i wouldnt start replicating what already been done and successful ( bikesofpolo, polo calendar etc)

even tho your post is way better than the insta one ! with all the links and stuff how long did you spend doing this lol

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Yes, awesome post! Thanks so much for all the info on the parts, that will be helpful, especially for newbies and not-so-newbies such as myself :sweat_smile:
Also, j’adore la vue sur la ville!! :sunglasses:


i keep the cool thing for the real life haha
also i never had any problem with this chain, i’m using this model for the past 5years, i’m using it cause it’s light haha, did you use the quick link?

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it’s the first post i had to set the example haha


I also really appreciate this post - thanks morgan! impressive set-up for sure!

I also heard in a non-polo context that the sram 11 speed chain was the one with the lowest chain-resistance from some people who now use it on all their bikes
I guess in the end it is not super important as long as they don’t break :slight_smile:


but does it look Nice? :smiley:


So… Since I promised you to show you mine, I kinda owe it to you… here comes the dirt machine! :laughing:
Frame: 700c DiPaolo Aluminium (hell of a toe overlap)
Front wheel: your usual crappy rims’n’hub, I forget the Brand
Back wheel: Fixcraft hub, Perro rim 48h
Drivetrain: freewheel White Industries, bracket Shimano bb80, chainring Shimano, the rest is rusty old crap
Brake: Avid BB7 Lefty setup
Pink Sticker: quote by award-winning author I copy-edited :innocent:


what’s written on the stickers?

“Growing up means not having to remind every sonofabitch of what he is” :blush:
Put it on my bike to keep in line with the 1st rule of Bikepolo… Which goes both ways, of course :laughing:
here’s the author: Tonio Schachinger - Kremayr & Scheriau

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suspiciously looks like you made a post just to post your bike :wink:
And yes it is very beautiful!!

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yeah i can’t hide it haha, but one of the major reason that i miss LOBP is the bike thread, i wish that this happen here too




see i prefer this one than morgan because nothing can beat good cover art

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Aight then here’s my little boy:
Handmade in Brussels by one amateur (me) and one let’s call him professional, shoutoooout






Columbus Zona Tubing with 44mm Head Tube, Paragon hooded dropouts, 15mm thru in front, track in back, Geo is not stolen cough cough
Discguard savety first made by me, soon you can order them :slight_smile:

He got thiccer (fork)legs than Morgan with a nice 100-140-100 cause I fucked up the notching…

This boy is not straight, neither in the front nor the back simply because I am no framebuilder but I just love him as he is.

He will get cleaned then some stickers put on, put in the garden to oxidize a little, stickers removed and 2K epoxy clearcoated…you’ll see


Wheels: Hope Pro 4 with 27.5" Nextie carbon hoops, 36 spokes no covers
Tires Panaracer Pari Moto 38mm tan wall, will have to put something else in there in order not to get punctures every 2 mins.

'Train: FSA BSA30 BB, Sram no group carbon crank 172.5mm & raceface 30t ring, kmc narrow track flexxx chain gold absolute black flexxx cog 18t, Exustar oilslick flexxx pedals. Will get a second cog for off court riding, prolly 14t.

Stuff: Hope purpl lower cup 44/40, Cane Creek 40 upper. Thomson X2 100mm 10° stem (will prolly be swapped), Elite seatpost and shitty Thomson flexxx clamp, saddle: yes, bars raceface ugly green shit, might still sand that down, weirdo foam grips.

Brake: Shigura XMT7 red with Sram Centerline disc 160


Bumpak Premium Ultra top tube/ knee protection.

Incl pedals and all he weighs in at 8.4 kg, which is 100g lower than Morgans bike I’ll have you know (okok with the clear coat and a working tire setup I’ll catch up)

VoilĂ .

Backstory if you’re interested

This is my 27th polobike. The last one was a stolen which took, let’s say a long time to be built and after just a couple of months I had it stolen 100m from the court in shitty shitty Ulm, while (free-) locked outside the building, while I was showering.

He will be my last though inshallah