BPN Copenhagen

Better Later than never (;

While the beautiful city was captured by thirsty masses of youth, some deviants kept away from the alcoholic lava flooding the distorted streets of Copenhagen. Roughly thirty poloneers threw their gloves (and some other shit like air tags) into the concrete pit of Vesterbro to celebrate the end of may.

After the first 24h hours in the capital of enlightened bikelanes and 10$-beers, two more rounds were to be played on the final day. Only twelve survivors had made it to the island of Semifinalis. As tension rose, it came down to a split. The group fell apart and the toughest four players took the lead of each a triplett:

Jeff found accompany in Istvan and Finbar. Lette was holding hands with Mo and Sergejus. Espens and Lukas sticked together with Chris. And Bruno tied bonds with Aislan and Gedas. What a match!

When Jeff and his mates faced his twin-brother Lette in the first Semifinal, his sneaky shots from day one fell back on him. Mo, who previously suffered a lot against the Puerto Rican, only came back from the dead after a splash in Sydhavn. Spectators couldnt see a bit of mercy in this sweep.

Slighty more chances were on Brunos in Game 2 but Chris did not lose a single time until the semis. Neither the hungarian CPH-resident, nor his mates from Groningen and Vilnius were able to defeat the tall guy, who scored three times. For the record: Aislan made it 3:1

In the final, Lette and Mo went with the flow. Just seconds after the joust, each of them had already celebrated another ball in the opponents net. When Sergejus added a third, the crowd was silenced.

‘Was this the time for a dramatic comeback?’, a small group of festival-leftovers on the north wing must have been asking themselves. So Chris, Lukas and Esben kept it alive with the spark of a 1:3. And Chris poured gas by hitting a blazing 2:3 just 90 seconds before the end. But Lette, Mo and Sergejus called the Fire Department and celebrated the 1st place.

-Article by Lette