BPN Gdansk Luta Cup


Bartek, Levin, Martin won in Gdansk

Lubella (Bartek, Levin, Martin) won the “Luta Cup” last weekend
Bikepolo Gdansk organized a tournament for the first time in the northern Polish city, where polo has only been played for a few years.
The court was only set up for the tournament, as the community from Gdansk does not yet have a permanent home court. On Friday, pickups were also played on the pickup court, which was set up next to the main court. On Saturday, the matches of the morning group started at around 9 am. A total of 5 games were played. In the afternoon, the second group played their games. In the evening there was also a party, or the players went into town.
Sunday Games started early. After a game for each team against the equally placed team from the other group on Saturday, the Single Elim started with all 16 teams.
In the first semi-final, “Enorm in Form” (Aldo, Christoph, Pavel) played against “Tivoli” (Kim, Niels, Patrick). The team led by stubborn producer Christoph entered the elimination round as the first-placed team and were up against a team that had played really well over the course of the tournament. After an hard game, the score at the end of the 12-minute match was 4:3 in favor of Enorm in Form.
In the second semi-final, “Lubella” played against “Wiwat Crackersky” (Kaftan, Ewelina, Michał). The team around Ewelina had won against the Polish legend Olej in the quarter-finals and thus secured a place in the semi-finals. However, the match against Lubella was a tough nut to crack for the Polish team. Their defense and offense were simply too strong. They were beaten 6:1, but still had a match against Tivoli for third place. The team of Niels and Kim, who had just won the Mallet Dolorosa in her home town, turned up the heat and won the game 4:2.
The final match between “Enorm in Form” and “Lubella” was a 15-minute game between the two best teams from the preliminary round, who tied 2:2 on Saturday.
At the start of the game, Martin, who only started this year, was able to score a goal and put his team in the lead. Bartek was also able to score and extend the lead. But Christoph also created chances for himself and his team and scored three times. With two goals from Levin, the score was 4:3 as time expired.

This meant that Lubella did not lose a game all weekend and were crowned winners of the first Luta Cup.
The whole tournament was very well organized and especially the pick-up court was a great idea.
In addition to the award ceremony, the following awards were presented:

Best rookie female/male: Asia/Bobo
Best Fall : Hagen
MVP: Levin
Best Shot female/male: Kim, Levin
Best Ref: Christoph
Most Goals in Pickups female, male: Agatha/Aislan

Winners Historie:

2024: Bartek, Levin, Martin


Thank you for the thorough summary! Even we haven’t noted it all down that meticulously :)

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