BPN Lyon Gones Invit

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The beautiful and hilly city of Lyon hosted the third edition of a squad tournament. In case you missed it, their court has a new surface that might be the grippiest court many of us have ever played on.
No click race, no lottery, just 12captains were invited to form and bring their teams to compete, the following list is the roster that played this weekend:

#. Captain (City): Player 1 (City), Player 2 (City), Player 3 (City). Team Name.

  1. Alphonse (Lyon): Vincent (Lyon), Alban (Lyon), Parcim (Lyon). Vandals.

  2. Morgan (Lyon): Bouchard(Lyon), Dodi (München), Martin (Paris). B. United

  3. Quentin Bailat (Geneva): Clément (Geneva), Woods (Geneva), Jojo (Geneva). Bella !.

  4. Romain Thouin (Paris~~)~~: Julien (Montpellier), Robert (Hamburg), Daf (Montpellier). Luxembourg.

  5. Jason (Montpellier): Rémy (Freiburg), August (Gaimersheim) , Brice (Brussels) . Sriracha.

  6. Emmet (Bern): Luca (Paris), Cathal (Montpellier). Rosebud.

  7. Lisa (Berlin): Quentin (Nantes), Baptiste (Brussels), Samir (Nantes). Didiers.

  8. Elodie (Strasbourg): Loker (Lyon), Max (Rouen), Mass (Portugal). Malabar.

  9. Dimeh (Perpignan): Carrillo (Barcelona), Riton (Perpignan), Tristan (Perpignan). Tot Va Be.

  10. Rem’s (Toulouse): Silvio (Montpellier), Benji (London) , Piks (Brussels). Albatar.

  11. Top (Milano): Gallo (Milano), Mazzetta (Conegliano), Riki (Milano). Hotwheels.

  12. Madej (Brzeszcze): Pajac (Warsaw), Levin (Halle), Dev (Boston). Mezcla Explosiva.

Spicy, right?

Saturday had 5 Swiss rounds for each team and 16-minute games. Everyone met up at 08:30 at the courts and each round was shuffled, keeping an atmosphere of surprise for all teams who didn’t know who they would play next. If you want all the information about which teams played each other and scores, you can check the details and final seeding stats of the first day here: https://challonge.com/fr/gones_invitational_SR

The second day teams met for double elimination rounds, this is where things got interesting, and things turned around. The games can be found here: https://challonge.com/gones_invitational_DE

The Winners Bracket final was the game that many had been waiting for. Rosebud vs. B. United was a very fast and exciting game. All of the 7 players were very focused and both teams played brilliantly together. In the end the team led by local heroes Bouchard and Morgan scored three goals more to secure their place in the grand final with a sore of 4:1
The Loosers Bracket Final was a very close game. The team led by European champion Robert was still in the lead at the start of the game and got off to a good start, but the more time passed, the better Siracha became. The team around former Lessive players Jason and Remy, who won the tournament in Lyon last year, won the game 4:3. Luxembourg thus secured 4th place.
The match for third place and a place in the grand final between Rosebud and Siracha had a lot of speed and good team play on both sides. Rosebud could not really build on Saturday’s performance and did not score enough goals. They lost 3:1 and, again contrary to some expectations, only managed to secure third place
The final between B.United and Siracha was in the late afternoon. Both teams had played superbly over the weekend and deserved their place in the final. The world champion team with new signing Martin shone with brilliant passing and created many good chances. On the other hand, the team with August, who scored four times, showed their strength and won the game 5:2
As this was the first loose game for B. United, a second game followed. In this game, it was clear to see that the team around the three multiple world champions was able to shift up a gear again and created significantly more scoring chances than in the first game. In the end it was a clear 5:1 with which Dodi, Martin, Bouchard and Morgan made themselves the winners of the weekend.
The second day was streamed by Down Over Polo, thanks to many volunteers that helped, and if you enjoyed watching the games of Sunday, we encourage you to donate so we can maintain and maybe expand the streaming in future events. DONATE.

Winners History:
2024 – Morgan, Quentin, Dodi, Martin
2023 – Jason, Rémy, Vincent, Piks
2022 – Romain, Julien, Ben, Cathal