BPN Macedonia Open Madrid 2024

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Quimey, Dani and Romi won in Madrid

Sangria (Quimey, Dani, Romi) secured first place at the newly organized tournament in Madrid last weekend.

The tournament was originally announced as a mixed tournament, but after difficulties in filling the team list, it was opened up to all teams. A total of 13 teams took part, including many from Spain (Zaragoza, Barcelona, Valencia, Madrid) as well as Portugal, England, Germany and Austria.

A 7-game Swiss round was played on Saturday, with Sangria leading the table after the first day. However, Romi was hurt and briefly replaced by Beagle. She was able to play again on Sunday and support her team.

Sunday there was a double elimination. Pina Colada (Lina, Oliv, Mass), who were considered co-favorites, lost the first elimination game and had to fight to stay in the tournament from then on. After a few more games, the finals took place in the afternoon. In the Winners Bracket final, Maduixa (Paula, Wil, Agus) played against Sangria. The team around Paula from Halle had good games on Sunday and played well together. In the end it was a clear 3:0 for the favorite team Sangria. In the Loosers Bracket Final, Maduixa then had to play against Pina Colada, who had won their previous match 5:1. Maduixa did not make it easy for the team led by Mass, who recently won in Valencia. In the end, however, it was only enough for a 3:5 and Pina Colada advanced to the grand final. Mass switched up some gears in the first final and scored all 3 of his team’s goals. They won the first final with 3:2

As Sangria had not yet lost a game, a second final was played. Sangria showed good team spirit and won the second final 4:2 and thus the whole tournament.

Winners history:
2024: Quimey, Dani, Romi
2019: Grow, Forkus, Bob
2018:Hector, Rafa, Luis
2016: Nacho, Adri, Dinamita
2015: Carrillo, Riton, Tristan