BPN Polygones

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Elena, Ladina and Rita won in Lyon
“Our Ball” (Elena, Ladina, Rita) won the Polygones in Lyon last weekend.
10 teams played at the first tournament of the year in Lyon, with 3 more to follow. Many players came from France, but also Switzerland, Germany and England was represented.
On Saturday there were 7 games in a round robin format. The weather on Saturday was still very good. Sunday continued with two more rounds. After the preliminary rounds, the top 8 qualified for a single elimination. There was really bad weather on Sunday. It was raining heavily, but that didn’t stop anyone from playing and dancing. After the tournament had been going on for hours in the pouring rain, the finals were about to begin. “Our Ball” played in the first semi-final against “Octogone” (Jojo, Nath, Zita). The team from Geneva with support from Zurich could not prevail against the title favorites and lost 1:2. “Octogone” was still able to secure a podium place. In the second semi-final, “Safety Third” (Judith, Kim, Rita) played against “Watch me Dance Simone” (Laura, MG, Ernie). The Hells Belles second from last year played great. The German team around Judith from Hamburg won with 1:0
The final was a close game in which “Our Ball” and “Safety Third” played for the overall victory. The Swiss team held their lead against the German team, winning 1:0 and confirming their performance at the weekend.
There were lots of great prizes. The trophies from RLab were definitely a special feature.
There were also the following awards:
Best rookie team: Anne-Claire, Raf, Capucine+ Clara as a Sub
MVP: Patos
Most improved: Coralie
Last team: Karen, Anaïs, Louise
There where cool prizes from Holland Bike, Cycletic, Milk and Velograma.
The elimination was livestreamed on YouTube by DownOverBikepolo and can still be watched.

Winners History:
2024: Elena, Ladina, Rita
2023: Elodie, Jovina, Dev