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Robert, Lishka and Levin won in Prague

InterpoloHalle (Robert, Lishka, Levin) won the Polobraník last weekend.

14 teams competed in the Prague tournament which had 8 special rules. There were 8 different rules, each of which had no special advantages for experienced teams and were therefore an “enrichment” for everyone. For example: Until two goals were scored, the game was played with two balls; The goals were in the corners and it was played diagonally across the court; Or that one-timers counted double. Before a game could start, a wheel was turned, which then showed the current rule for a game. The rules were also very interesting for the spectators.
On Saturday, there was a morning and afternoon group with 7 teams each. A round robin was played, which was then completed on Sunday morning. After each team had played 6 matches, there were 2 more group matches in a Top4, Middle6 and Bottom6 group. After that, the Top4, the first three of the Middle6 and the best team of the Bottom6 group qualified. These 8 remaining teams played a single elimination.
In the first semi-final, Czech Him (Omayra, Mateen, Riley), the top-placed team from the preliminary games, played InterpoloHalle (Robert, Lishka, Levin). This game was played diagonally across the court as the goals were in the corners, resulting in numerous bangshots. The team from Halle with Berlin support kept the upper hand and won 2:1
In the second semi-final, Krystalis (Kyncel, Jenda, Eliska) played against Scheißverein (Matze, Ben, Schmö). The traditional Prague team Krystalis with Eliska, who have already won two tournaments this year, played together for the last time in Regensburg in 2020. The team from Magdeburg had qualified via the Middle6 and won their quarter-final against Johanna, Jonas and Frax. Jenda’s team played strongly and won 4:0
In the match for third place, Czech Him had significantly more chances, but in the end it was only an onetimer that prevented the tie, as the final score was 4:2 in favor of the Viennese team.
Krystalis and InterpoloHalle faced each other in the final. On Saturday, the team with Levin, who played against Eliska in the final the weekend before in Frankfurt, won against Krystalis. Both teams created good chances in 15 minutes, with Levin also hitting three big shots. Lishka’s team were able to hold on to the score of 4:3 until the end to secure the first place.
It should also be noted that Lishka played in two teams at the weekend, as Levin and Robert had to come without a third person. After her success in Zurich and winning the Berlin Winter League, this is the third title for her in this season.


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