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Julien, Max, Romain, Eliska, Bouchard won Tours

Last weekend, the team Les frérots(Julien, Max, Romain, Eliska, Bouchard) secured first place at the legendary bench tournament “Bench de la Galette”
Due to the large teams, only 12 teams were able to take part. A round robin was played, followed by semi-finals, a third-place match and the final.
After Saturday, the table was led by Les frérots, followed by Vandals(Elodie, Parcim, Alban, Vincent, Alphonse), GVP( Clement, Josephine, Woods, Laura, Quentin) and “Merci a vous”(Ronan, Morgan, Valentin, Fabien, Nicolas). Châteauroux (Oscar, Renaud, Lilpak, Manu, MacFly) made a great tournament and miss the top 4 on details.
The first semi-final was played between GVP and Vandals. Vandals were able to build on their good performance in the previous rounds and won their match 7:5
The second semi-final between the local team and Les frérots was very exciting. The team from Tours led 3:0. Later the score was 5:2. As the game lasted 35 minutes, there was still enough time for the team around world champion Bouchard to score some goals. The team with Eliska from Prague was able to equalize 22sc before the end and go into the golden goal with 6:6. The golden goal specialist Bouchard took a big shot and secured his team a place in the final. In the end they won 7:6 and sent the Team around Morgan into the Loosers Bracket Final. The game for third place was dominated by the Local Team, which secured a place on the podium. They won with 2:1

The final between Vandals and Les frérots, which were both mixed teams, was a clean game. The team led by the Rasta Rocket brothers took an early lead and then built up their game from defense. Eliska also prevented several important goals. In the end, they won with 8:3 and secured the title.

Bouchard became the most successful player with 4 victories in Tours and Eliska is the first woman to win the bench tournament. She said: “It was just an amazing tournament to start the season. This lovely team was totally worth spending 26 hours on a bus.”

To everyone’s delight, many rookies played in the tournament. A complete success on and off the court

winners history:
2024: Julien, Max, Romain, Eliska, Bouchard
2023:Ben, Julien, Romain, Stouph
2022: Morgan, Parcim, Alphonse, Vincent, Alban
2020: Dani, Rem’s, Rata, Val, Bouchard
2019: Dani, Rem’s, Rata, Val, Bouchard
2018: Val, Martin, Paul, Germain, Dadou
2017: Gatien, Marco, Rata, Mac Fly, Bouchard
2016: Thomas, Antoine, Greg, Thibault, Pidoux
2015: Morgan, Alex, Ben, Nico, Romain