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Morgan, Bouchard and Dodi won in Turino

AYNE (Morgan, Bouchard and Dodi) won the tournament organized by Bikepolo Milan in the Italian city of Turin last weekend.
It was the first tournament at Parco Ruffini for a long time, as there is no real club anymore.
But Bikepolo Milan wanted to organize something and bring polo players back to this city. A total of 16 teams played over two days. On Saturday there were two groups in which 5 Swiss rounds were played. The weather was still sunny on Saturday, but this was to change on Sunday. Sunday there was a double elimination with all teams. Mira Vos (Loker, Coco, Alphonse) lost the first double elimination game after a very good Saturday, where they won against AYNE. On Sunday, all teams played in bad weather as it rained all day. The semi-finals of the winner’s bracket came quickly. “Tranquillo” (Pietro, Julien Thouin and Jason) won against “More Passion” (Elena, Mateen and Frax), who were the winners of the Swiss round. “High Content Low Quality” (Woods, Tommy, Alejandro) won their semi-final 4:1 against “AYNE” despite a heavy rain. Later, “AYNE” made it to the podium by winning 2:1 against “More Passion”. “High Content Low Quality” lost their Winner Bracket final and then the Looser Bracket final to secure third place.The first final was won 4:1 by “AYNE”. The second final was won by 1:0 by the world champion team, who also won the Lyon Invit tournament last month.
Bouchard said: “The rain didn’t manage to stop people enjoying the games and we all Hope Torino will rise again frome the hashes or, at least, that Milano will make this tournament a classic”. Mateen also had a few words about the successful weekend: “Glad I have finally made it back to Italy for some polo. Such a competitive teamlist reminding me of the Dominion Cup 2016 in Torino, even resembling the cold with rain all sunday Great to see both old and new generation of italian players on the court. Thanks Milano Bikepolo!”

The Elimination was streamed by DownOver main channel. Go watch some spicy games (;

Winners History:
2024: Morgan, Bouchard, Dodi