BPN Vienna


Robin, Flo and Levin won in Vienna

Salt (Robin, Flo, Levin) won the Melted Madness tournament in the Austrian capital last weekend.
This time the tournament took place in Vienna and not on the roller field hockey ground outside the city. Although the new court cost a a lot, it is very very nice . The surface, boards and light are ideal for polo.
16 teams played over two days. On Friday, pickups were played from the afternoon onwards. Unfortunately, the morning group could only start later on Saturday morning as it was raining heavily. This pushed the entire schedule back, but that wasn’t a problem. After the afternoon group had completed their five games, the players soon had to leave the grounds. In the morning group, Golem had won all the games, while Salt won all five games in the afternoon group. The games continued on Sunday at 8:30. The last two matches from the respective groups were played. Each team then played two more matches in groups of equal strength. A total of 6 teams from the upper groups qualified for elimination.
In the first semi-final, “Salt” played against “Human Sushi” (Tina, Peter, Jonas). Jonas and his team kept up well, but didn’t score enough. After 12 minutes, the score was 3:1 for Levin’s team. In the second semi-final, “Golem” (Alca, Jirka, Kyncl) played against “Northern Lights” (Allison, Emilio, Madej). The traditional Czech team, which beat Levin’s team in the final in Vienna last year, played brilliantly together and played three-up incredibly well. Madej did a good job in his team’s defense, but was ultimately defeated 3:2. The match for third place between “Northern Lights” and “Human Sushi” was a clearer game than the semi-final. “Human Sushi” was unable to break through the defense, while Emilio’s team was able to score twice and won with 2:0
The final between “Golem” and “Salt” was an exciting and high-scoring match. After “Salt” took a relatively quick 3:0 lead, “Golem” was able to score several times as the game went on. Two minutes before the end, “Golem” managed to close the gap to 5:4, but were then unable to score and had to concede defeat after 15 minutes.

The elimination was streamed on the DownOver Court B channel.
Johanna, one of the main organizers of the tournament said the following about the weekend: “It was a fantastic weekend, with great games and amazing vibes. What particularly delighted us was the strong FLINTA* presence.”

In addition to the podium, there where the following awards:
Best Rookie: Ella
Shooting Star: Alca
Most Fouls: Jenn (with the best price ever! Go check Instagram for a picture)
MVP: Lishka
Best Team Spirit: Mellowdramallets
DFL: Welded b*Witches

Winners Historie:
2013: Adam, Jono, Josh
2013: Dodi, Maciek , Szemek
2016: Adi, Madej, Olej
2016: Elena, Liga, Lisa
2019: Nele, Frax, Greg
2023: Alca, Jirka, Kyncl
2024: Levin, Flo, Robin