Brass nipples

Anyone has got any thoughts on those? Usually the alu nipples break, and sometimes you can even use the same spoke again, which is kinda nice. What breaks if I have a stronger nipple?

Depends, sometimes spokes break at the head or right before the threading. Seen that alot on older rusty ones. Most of the times it will be the nipple.
Also the rim can rip, that would be worst case. That´s why a a broken nipple is not so bad, you can replace that easily.
If you put new ones in, use lineseed-oil as a glue (there´s also special nipple glue, that´s just the easier cheaper option)
I feel like, since I have wheelcovers, less spokes get ripped. Maybe that´s a better longterm solution :slight_smile:


Yes brass nipples are stronger than aluminum nipples, but not that much. They will still break first, but a litte later.

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Thanks for your thoughts… Maybe the best reasoning would be to have alu nipples to make sure the rim holes don’t get damaged too bad, but both your comments (and the experience I know you have) make it sound like there is not much difference.

Well, now I bought the brass nipples so let’s roll with it :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the glue tip, @jovina . I didn’t know this was a thing.

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In the past I sold steel nipples but don’t find it now…

It better but like other nipples It break after time… (steel don’t like water too) I used strong spoke (DT alpine 2) and strong Mavic rims with eyelets

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