Bristol Mixed Open 10-11 August


Some important details for the 2024 Bristol Mixed Open
Registration is now closed!

Teamlist is here:
We’re very happy to say 24 teams signed up so we can accommodate everyone!
Please let us know asap if there are any changes to your team. We have some players in Bristol who are available too :)

We’re so excited to have lots of euro players come and join us :hugs:
The accommodation for the tourney is free camping, and we can host before/after. We provide breakfast, and there are BYO food and drink options to keep it cheap while your’re here.
Any questions, just ask :writing_hand:

Date: Saturday 10 & Sunday 11 August

Format: 4v4 squad teams, 24 teams, 2 courts
More info tbc
Entry fee tbc (~ £20)

Location: Campus Skatepark, Winterbourne BS36 1QG
Please note! The courts are outside Bristol and not a nice cycle. Lots of us locals camp at the courts too, and so we don’t offer hosting during the tourney

Accommodation: free courtside camping for 3 nights Friday to Sunday with toilets and hot shower
We can offer some hosting either side for our friends travelling from far

Food & drink: free breakfast Saturday & Sunday
There is a cafe and bar onsite
BYO bbq available

Entertainment for this year tbc - previous years’ lineup has included karaoke, bouncy castle, knife fight court :microphone: :european_castle: :person_fencing:

A note on reffing
We will need everyone to help with reffing and we really want to encourage and make this accessible for all players. Lots of players coming will not be experienced refs, and we want Bristol Open to be a safe environment for inexperienced refs to practice and learn.

So we will focus on The Ref Is Always Right - if there is any word against the ref, they can give 30 seconds straight away. No-one really likes to be shouted at…

We did this last year and it worked well (as well as free beers for reffing multiple games ;))



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hey, quick question. is it really 4v4 games or 3v3 squad system with 4 people per team?

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It’s a squad system, 4 people per team, games are 3v3

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are you looking for one extra team mate?

don’t look further, ASK ME

5 yrs playin
will hopefully probably be in london too
doesn’t annoy the refs


Last minute looking for a team! 2 (maybe 3) of us from Scotland are looking for a 4th (maybe also 3rd). Lemme knoooww!

Reg closes this Thursday, on 2 days. :slight_smile:

Edit: We’re sorted!! Bristol here we come!!!


Registration closes today!

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hey, this is Olli from Dresden. I had someone from each of my teams for both London and Bristol cancel and now we have an open spot for both teams. the teams are “GoGoGoGolondrinas” for Bristol and “Whimsical Woodpecker Warriors” for London. both teams have a nice and supportive attitude and would love to play with you. just write me if you want to play with us. i would love to make sure the teams are complete so i’m hoping to hear from you. :) cheers Oliver



Total late comer… BUT if anyone is looking looking for a team mate, lemme know!!


Tickets booked! Does anyone have experience with bikes+easyjet? Checked luggage costs 40 pounds while checked bike costs 45. Seems like it is worth it to book special luggage, no?