Here’s a google sheets file with an overview of all current and past bugs:

Please insert found bugs you find there and update the sheet, once you fixed one :slight_smile:

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All categories gone

same issue here (android+chrome or opera) but I don’t have it every single time.

did an update and now it works again for me, same for you, Johanna (@Johanna)?

Processing: 5BE059F5-8B3B-4F39-9767-E6C96EAF8257.png…

someof us get this processing thing when we upload images. is there a size limit ? i googled this issue before asking but cant figure it ou

do you have this when using poloverse on mobile or also on the pc? and what platform are you using (android or osx? what browser?)

I had the same issue on mobile only, android + chrome.

i will only use poloverse on mobile , iphone browser (not even sure of the name )

the logo in the header is sometimes not showing up. when it shows up, it looks weird in dark mode (is there a white version?)

Screenshot from 2021-10-25 10-38-26

EDIT: seen it live:
Screenshot from 2021-10-25 16-42-18

I never saw the logo in the header on my PC. I also tested it with different webbrowser.