Building Goals. Design help.

I’m welding up a set of goals and I’m wondering what everyone’s preference for design. Should I add a top shelf or keep it more “triangular” in design. Shelf is nice to add some depth to the goal as well as a place to store an extra mallet or water bottle. If I leave out the shelf they might be easier to store and transport.

I do this. Not heavy.
the base is made with flat irons to avoid ball bounce
More pictures with the net if you want



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a flaw design i see a lot is the back of the net : lower bar should be square or rounded ( not u shaped like at worlds on court b) and soooo many game interuption because a ball gets sent into the side net and get stuck inside the goal, but outside the net. net tensioning is also always an issue cuz too many people crash and lend into it like a hamac

for exemple in the pic on the post above there is a middle pole support going from the too bar to the lower base bar, these one in london rusted over time and snapped at wielding point. potential impaling hazard if we didnt snaped them completely and removed them.cant we replace that with some bungee cord / innertube that spring back the net ?

so some goals ( again like the one in the post above )avec welded hooks or a separate bar atop the lower bar so the nets arnt laced directly on the bar rubbing the ground