Bunch of tips

Hey there! I’m dropping some tips I gathered at Mallet Dolorosa '23 and through pre-tournament training. Some of them have been total game-changers for me, and I’m stoked to share them :slight_smile: Feel free to add more <3

Judith: Embrace the fact that learning takes time and don’t sweat it if you’re not a pro right away. Train with the best, the ones who outshine you. Train with men. Develop that I-WANT-THAT-BALL mindset. Do whatever it takes to snatch it or stop your opponent in their tracks.

Nele: Have fun (said with a very straight, serious face) :wink:

Eliska: Keep calm, don’t freak out. Take a moment to ponder your moves. Plan your action. Don’t overreact.

X: Stick close to the front wheel of the person in possession. Don’t try to approach them from the opposite side and get the ball because the chances of succeeding are low.

X: Try to approach the person in possession from the opposite side and get the ball.

Conny: Look up, control your surroundings.

Rita: Two hours a day, four days a week.

Cat: Tune in to golf tutorials on YouTube to master your mallet skills. After swinging the mallet, keep your eyes glued to the ball until it disappears. If you miss, no worries—plenty of time to fix your shot with your eyes locked on the ball instead of the place it should have been.
Also: Cat was the first person in my 9-month career who broke the shooting technique down step by step. She explained about focusing on the wrist, elbow, and arm position. Finally, I managed to start mastering my precision instead of repeating the same mistakes over and over.

X: Passes are the heart and soul of a dynamic game, not a desperate escape plan when you’re stuck in a jam.

X: Know your strengths.
(It might seem obvious, but as a rookie, I naturally focus on my weaknesses, which can be frustrating and depressing sometimes)

X: Pedal, pedal, pedal.

Shemek: Better to stand still with smarts than ride foolishly. Don’t forget the music while training. Focus on one thing at a time during each training session.

Pat: On those long stretches, place your right hand on the wheel and zoom ahead like lightning!


Here are my favorites:

Don’t go for the ball, go for the player and both hands on the handlebar when you chase them.

Don’t forget that polo is a team sport. Trust your teammates. In this regard a very important tip from Elena: the first one who makes the call is always right! No matter if it is a shitty call or not, talk about it after the game.

Tell your teammates what you need-ask them what they need.

Talk a lot during the game.

The best goalie (or person behind) is the one with the most overview of the game and the one who can read the game the best.

If you go out of the goal, while your team is in possession have a plan what to do! Let your teammates know you are coming with them.

Don’t wait for the pass - always try to move! Don’t get upset if you don’t get the pass, try to support from another position. Even if you don’t get the ball-you are disturbing the other team and take their attention!

Play with rookies-you will learn a lot!

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One tip I got from Gitti was to look around. Get your head up from the ball and start looking up and around.