Büppelmania 2022

Liebe Bikepolo-Family,
es ist offiziell: die nächste Büppelmania findet am 21./22. Mai 2022 in der Vareler Weberei statt. Nach nur einem Jahr Pause ein weiteres Singleplayer-Shuffle-Tournament. Einfach, weil wir diese Format so gerne mögen.

UPDATE: alle bis gestern regulär angemeldeten SpielerInnen sind mit dabei. Kurze Info per E-Mail folgt. All registered players are in - look in your mails, please.

Registration closed 1. April 2022. For waiting list fill out form

The „Weberei“ has got a hall with concrete ground (perfect smooth surface) wich is about 18 to 38 metres.
There is also a lobby and some common rooms where you can spend time waiting for your next game. Smoking inside is not allowed…
We will have some drinks and food. But there are good possibilities to buy everything nearby.
Costs for the tournament 10,- euro per person.
Please invite your friends!

Friday: Pickup. Single-player tournament Saturday/Sunday. Early start both days…
We´ll play Saturday and Sunday as long as possible. Best 12 will play half-finale, best six the final.

We would like to give everyone the possibility to stay at one of our homes. Please let us know…


Is this tourney still happening? Dresden Bike Polo would like to know if so?
Und Ich kann auch Deutsch sprechen.

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It hasnt been confirmed, but I guess they are trying to make it happen :wink: lets see.


Wir sind am Ball. We are trying to do our very best. Next Info will follow soon


What’s the address for your court? Interested in details.

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Hi Robin. Address is: Oldenburger Straße 21
26316 Varel.

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Thank you @judydamage


Ihr wollt wissen, wer dabei ist?
Thomas Hannover
Emílio Berlin
Kevin Bielefeld
Aislan Utrecht
Lisa Kyiv
Frank Hannover
Sam Zürich
Andy Hamburg
Antonio London
Judith Hamburg
Steffen Hamburg
Chris St. Pauli
Moggi Duisburg
Markus Hamburg
Mirco Hamburg
Florian Groningem
Aljoscha Hamburg/Berlin/Lehsten
Zoltán Copenhagen
Romana Kyiv
Frix Hannover
Christoph Leipzig
Richie Leipzig
Luise Leipzig
Ernestine Leipzig
Filippa Leipzig
Thommy Hannover
Markus Hannover
Matze Magdeburg
Nico Berlin
Fabrice Cologne


Auch dabei sind
Julia Berlin
Levin Halle
Robin Halle
Flo Halle
Thomas Magdeburg
Schmö Magdeburg

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