can someone explain to me how the new calendar system works and help clean it up? @Pyetro ? don’t wanna destroy it by just mesing around…

Hi @flat_humour
I’m sorry for the super late reply, I missed this thread!

Basically there were a calendar pinned on top of the tournament category, which fetched the info from all the replies in a given thread, so that calendar was linked to a thread. I don’t know why now that calendar is gone, and I can’t remember how to restore it.

I asked Markus and he said to ask @andy_h which probably remember the reason why we decided to skip that sticky calendar.

I believed that that method was good, but probably I missed something. maybe the fact that the “Upcoming Events” section (in the burger menu) wasn’t linked to that thread too? I really forgot it :sob:

@andy_h can you please help me to remember?

ps: vaping weed works!

I thought we decided that the calendar was ugly, and not particularly useful, compared to the list form, and we had the “upcoming events” calendar also which did the job. Its not too hard to bring back. There’s an option in in the events plugin where you give the post id and category id where you want it to show up.

But perhaps a better option would be to embed the “upcoming events” one on the tournaments page somehow?

Do you want me to put it back? There was also an issue where the bottom of the calendar was cut off (in the browsers that I tested) and I couldn’t work out how to fix. But I’m sure we can get that sorted.

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Thanks @andy_h for the update!

I think that the calendar on top of the category was useful, at least it gave a different look to the tournament section. I agree with the idea that it could be much better, but at least was fast to browse, without entering in any thread.

The process I imagined when it was enabled was:
· Calendar that looks like a calendar in the Tourneys category
· Click on any calendar event that brings to a specific tournament thread
· One thread that feeds the calendar in the Tourneys category (this is the way the calendar plugin works, I guess) , where to post a quick summary of the event and a link to the proper Thread with full info.

Maybe if you try to enable it I can try to fix that problem again, I’ve already adjusted the height in the past, but maybe I missed some breakpoint for smaller screen?

thank you!

I’ll give it a shot.

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the upcoming calendar event thing takes any event from anywhere on the forum. If we want to use it we should probably set a certain trust level as condition for creating events…wyt?

I think it would work with the list and ‘upcoming events’ link but also still think an embedded calendar or list (different look as pietro said) would be nice to have