[CANCELED] 700c bike for sale [CANCELED]

Offer is no longer valid :slight_smile: I am going to sell the bike part by part :slight_smile:


I am selling my bike. You will needs a break/steering bar/saddle/grips/pedals as I don’t sell them
Price: 500e - it is negotiable

Frame: Mielec aluminium frame made to the attached specification. The frame is actually free; most of the price is for other parts. It is in great condition and has never bent or broken. I had a problem with confirming the head tube’s angle after so many years; I just feel that it is deformed a bit because I made so many useless front pivots.
Fork: Bison framework’s fork with 25mm rake (there is 35mm on the project) - as you see, there is a lot of steering tube left
Chris King NoThreadSet™ HeadSet
Thomson Elite x4 Stem 10 degrees 70mm
Thomson Elite setback seatpost (uncut)
Thomson seatpost clamp
Shimano Deore 175mm cranks + bb
Front-wheel: Velocity Chukker 48h + Halo Hub + some quality spokes (I don’t remember the brand)
Rear wheel: Velocity Chukker 48h + Surly Hub + some quality spokes (I don’t remember the brand)
White Industries 72 POE 22T Free Wheel
Max Power Rotor Guard
Chainring/Chain/Tires/Tubes are included

Steering bar / Grips / Saddle / Brake / Pedals are not included; I don’t sell them

I loved that bike for so many years. I think it rides great. It won some games, even some tournaments (i.e. Epiphanie). I find it very playable. Except for the cranks, all the parts have a lot of life in them - cranks are ok but ugly.

There is a single minor problem with that bike that I don’t want to hide. Rear triangle is a bit tight and with such a big rear sprocket (22T) chain tends to scratch the frame. I solved that by placing one quite narrow spacer between hub and dropout. Works like a charm.

I can ship it (but the shipping cost is on you), and I can probably organise transport to Berlin.



Screenshot 2024-02-15 at 07.57.50
Here is a photo of the small clearance place.