Carbon Fibre Mallet Shaft Strength / Durability

Wondering what people’s experience has been with carbon fibre shafts and whether they hold up to abuse? I break a lot of shafts (there is a lot of sword fighting in our games) and I am wondering if the carbon fibre can handle it?

they break yeah, but resist impacts too.

also voltige , praap and perro carbon are all 3 completely different

hard to explain you would have to try them

i snapped a voltige first game , just tripoding hard on it until the point the flex point snapped , but some people play with the same shaft for 2 years

i like the feeling of carbon ! just like my handlebars it feels like it absorb vibration better and also reduce hand fatigue by being more rigid ! but i mainly play light aluminium shaft and for pick up i mostly use a beat up tough aluminium 1mm shaft

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When i started playing with voltige i broke 3-4 mallets within a year. Now i break one per year avarage. Went to 6 or 7 tournaments and a lot of pickups (once a week) this year, so the quality of voltige is very good imo

Due to the new rules hard slashing isnt a topic anymore, which also keeps the shaft alive longer.