Cardeña said polo (Burgos Bike Polo Open 2023)

Hello everybody!
Burgos Bike polo is organising its second tournament, this time in a village close to the city.

It will take place on the 23rd and 24th of September 2023 in a 3v3 format.

Details of Cardeñadijo Polo 2023:

  • Court location: Google Maps
  • Dates: 23-24 September 2023
  • Times: Sat: 9:30 - 19:00/20:00. Sun: 8:45 - 16:00
  • Venue: Pista Deportiva Cadeñadijo, 09194 Burgos
  • Number of teams: 12
  • Team format: 3 vs 3
  • Tournament format: 5 Swiss rounds + 2 double elimination: slayer and challenger.
  • On a first come, first served basis people will register.
  • Registration link:
    inscripción Cardeña Dijo 321-Polo
  • Registration fee: €30/team

Friday: pickups and beers in a tavern in Cardeñadijo
Saturday: Swiss rounds and dinner
Sunday: 2 double elimination: slayer (first 6 qualifiers of the Swiss rounds) and challenger (7-12 qualifiers of the Swiss rounds)

We are working on a free housing option for all players, we’ll post about it most likely next monday :slight_smile:

Teams list

1- Latina Thunder: Victor, Patriki, Johnny
2- Azotes de Acero: Irene, Kus, TBD
3- Burgalensis: Luisja, Sesky, Beltran
4- TBD: alvaro, albar, TBD
5- Humildes: Ray, Nico, Juan
6- 3M: Mon, Max, Maiki
7- Shit Face: David N., Jose, Jeff
8- Los Fatvengers: Pura, Kris, Hector
9- Hipolopotamos: Oscar, Rafa, Chase
10- Tres en propia: Viejo Jonathan Hugo
11- Subnormallets: Aitor Jerónimo Afro


Burgos rules!!!

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Anybody need a team? Ill be in Spain in September.


Hi Jeff, I will be there too, so, just need one more :slight_smile:

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Is the registration complete or is there still space?

Yeah the registration is still open and there is still space, go for it!

Even if you are a free agent come and join us!

Current teams list updated!
Registrations are still open! :grin:

We are working on a free housing option for all players, we’ll post about it most likely next Monday :slight_smile:

Court location:

only 3 spots left!

Accommodation update!

Burgos Bike polo will offer a space with. big room in the Cerdeñadijo town’s community center, with space for everyone, kitchen and toilets, free of charge for anyone interested!


There will also be space for vans and tents :slight_smile:

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1 spot left!!

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C’mon people!! It’s gonna be a blast