In previous years I really believed that I was the best chess player in the european polo scene.
These days, I have my doubts.
Vincent Pujol from brussels has slayed me several times in coorespondence chess. Cal from montpellier managed to beat me once or twice in bullet chess in Perpi last year.

So… to all you punks out there that think you have a shot at the crown, you wrong… I’m gonna start reading some chess books again.
It’s time for… megaChessMaster Berni to come out of his long hibernation.

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Maybe we could combine two noble sports at the next tournament, sort of like this:

Cheers from Vienna, home of Steinitz :face_with_monocle:

Tie breaker, 3min bullet match. Everyone on the team takes turns.

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come play some tournaments in france :slight_smile: that’s basically whats been going on on some tournaments
I’ve got coroni, online match these days anyone?

I’m always down for some 5 min blitz!

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no blitz! if you want to turn off your brain and just do some random moves, play polo
no offense tho :sweat_smile:

My blitz us not Random! It’s next level.

I’m always down for some chess. :slight_smile:

my lichess handle is bhickman09

I’m ready!

how about now?

Its on.