Court Surface

Hi all,
We, at Lyon bike polo, are about to have our court surface redone in the next months (12 to 24 …).
First, we need to propose a list of material that could be used for the surface.
If anybody here knows anything about concrete/bitume/sport surface, can he/she please help ?
Thank you,

Might find some info here:

Careful, our court was supposed to be rebuilt and now we are without court for 2 years… :expressionless:

Thanks a lot !
We, unfortunately, know the risk.
We also have a Roller Hockey club looking at our court and wanting an awful plastic surface …

You(?) once asked about surface material for zürich court, right? Did you get any useful feedback?

What’s the field surface like right now? Material and condition. That would in most cases determine what needs to be done, IMO .Like, if it’s asphalt and only has minor cracks then you might get away with just applying another layer (±4cm) in other cases you have to remove a few layers and have to redo them. Same concept applies to concrete. Disclaimer: I don’t really know anything about court surfaces but roads.

We don’t know what we have now. A kind of shitty asphalt with cracks. But before, there were several layers si they could play hockey on it, a kind of thin asphalt and a paint. We don’t want that :stuck_out_tongue: !

if you are into road asphalt il super interested to know more about how to prepare DIY to fix partially abandoned courts !

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Mmmhhhja I can dig in my documents & brain if you want @Bouchaaaaard ?
Its quite a long discussion and Im not sure how much I can help but let me know.
In the end I left Zürich before this was ever finished and I dont think anything has been done since :tipping_hand_woman:

In Australia I played a few times on tennis courts which were painted with a paint that contains extremely fine sand/crystals. Its like playing on extremely flat and fine sandpaper. We played after a huge rainstorm, so my memory is it works also when wet.

I do not know how long lasting it is, but it was my favorite surface so far. Perfectly flat and grippy. It was “no sleep till Brisbane” tournament 2016.