Dresden Debacle Vol. 1!


Dresden Debacle Vol. 1! June 1st -2nd

We officially start the registration period. :slight_smile:

Important Details:

  1. Juni 2024 - 2. Juni 2024

Registration from 14.01.2024 to 03.03.2024

48 Players, 8 spots reserved for Dresden players.

Fee/contribution to expenses: 25 Euro - We set it at that amount for now. We might find that we have significant lower costs for this tournament and will then adjust the amount downwards before we ask for payment.

Court location: https://maps.app.goo.gl/9HP4otx1ajfmGTTB9

Registration e-mail: bike_polo_dresden@posteo.de

ABC Style, teams stay together for the duration of the tournament. Please state your perceived player level in the registration e-mail. Please don’t underrate yourself :wink: we highly encourage all player levels, from 0 to hero, to participate.

Tournament games Saturday and Sunday, maybe pickups or knife fights on Friday but don’t count on it for now. You can definitely already arrive on Friday.

We can provide housing for a good amount of players with local players/friends. If you want us to host you, please state so in the registration e-mail.

Not so important details:

If we have more than 40 registrations, we’ll do a lottery with double chance for flinta players. So far in Dresden we don’t believe that we will have that kind of turnout. One can only hope :slight_smile:

Preliminary registration deadline is 03.03. That is so that by then we can confirm to everyone whether they are in for sure or not. If we don’t have enough registrations by then, then we just keep filling the spots.

We probably won’t have good lights at the court, which means that tournament games will not go past sunset. Maybe we’ll make something work for pickups.

your Dresden crew!
Dresden can’t wait for you all. Big smiles!


Stupid question. But:
How many digits or numbers between zero and hero?

Like …3,4,hero,
Or more like …,98,99,hero?

Or do you want words and and sentences and stuff like that?

Hey Richie. Really good question actually.
For the registration you can choose to share as little as A/B/C level. We appreciate a finer grained rating in a scale from 1 to 10, but it’s not necessary if you don’t feel you can judge yourself so precisely or don’t want to.

Hello everyone! Small update, as we stand at 42 registrations as of today we will most definitely have a lottery. Which will take place at the 03.03.2024 at 08:00 pm. Will not be a big interesting event, basically just a live screen share of me running a script or something like that. cheers olli


Current List of Registered Players

Player City
raphi Vienna
Levin Halle
Niels Halle
Jirka Pardubice, CZ
Christoph Leipzig
Paul Vienna
Paula Halle
Florian Halle
Hagen Leipzig
Aljoscha Lehsten/Berlin/Hamburg
George Bristol/London/Berlin
Emilio Berlin
Mariagiovanna Berlin
gitti Berlin
Ana Vienna
Filippa Leipzig
Ernestine Leipzig
Luise Leipzig
Christiane Leipzig/Nürnberg
Richie Leipzig
Frieda Berlin
Maus Vienna
Pink Polo Princess Berlin
Sam Zürich
Gabi Berlin
Kevin Berlin
Mauri Gießen
Christina Berlin
Max Berlin
Ole Büppel
Jonathan Zürich
Holger Berlin/Alicante
Daniel Prague
Karsten Berlin
Rita Berlin
Russel Magdeburg
Florian Münster
Martin Prague
Lishka Berlin
Larissa -
s‘moritzle -
Mauro Frankfurt am Main
Kosik Gdansk
Aislan Utrecht
Kevin -
Ewa Gdansk
Mateen -
Frix Hannover, Lemgo, Bielefeld
Manu Gießen
Adrian -
Astrid Vienna
Daniel Frankfurt am Main
Marius Gießen
jános Gießen
Petra Gießen
Basti Gießen
Alicja Gdansk
Pat Gdansk
Wanda Gazela Gdansk

If you see anything amiss or wrong, or don’t want your name to show up here, just write me.