Educational (visual+ explanatory) Videos on Rules/Rule Sets

Some of us have been thinking about making some videos to exemplify infractions, game dos and don’ts which might help handling rules and reffing better.
What are your thoughts on why rules aren’t taken seriously in some cases, and there is no reffing at all at some other places? Do you consider the rules are hard to learn or is it just a drag? We wanna know it all! Do you find any intersections such as gender, age, fairness in sports, related with reffing and applying the rules? How do rules make bike polo a safer place? How do rules promote the continuum of bike polo throughout history?


The idea is as old as the game. I hope one day this huge amount of work will be actually taken on by somebody. It would be so nice.


Gavin from Northside Polo Podcast put this out in 2022 and I love redirecting folks who are trying to learn reffing to this video. It’s a great introduction to reffing and explains the more common fouls with real footage clips from Worlds in Lexington, KY of the so called foul. Though, these are for NAH formatted rules, I don’t know if all of the fouls can be related to EHPA ruleset.


Bordeaux Bikepolo is going to create “Ref Camp” some time next year. We will be need to collect as much video media as possible to create an quality curriculum. If you know where to find alot of Bikepolo video media please tell me!!