EHBC 2024

Again, sorry for the clickbait. I have no info on this.
If anything, I’m wondering if there’s any intention by any community to host euros this year cough Montpellier cough

Should Berlin do it again? I say yes. :joy:
Berlin every year from now on. Great!

But seriously. Is this going to be the year we skip euros? I know some people would be happy to make it a biennial event, but we should take into consideration that next worlds could be as early as late 2024/early 2025.


Montpellier out, by club vote

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if EHBPC becomes biennial it would be interesting to be every other year than the WHBPC right ?


Berlin club vote is “not in the next 5 years, and next time worlds” :wink:


london is probably not where you should look at unless you ok with small courts and expensive fees.

where and when are next whbpc anyway cuz whoever organize it ( after biddings) will announce the format as well , so ehbpc should follow whatever format that is ?

I hope we don’t change format everytime from now …
We did 3, 5, 3, 4. Maybe it’s time to fix it.


Agreed, it should be fixed - to 3v3 :smiling_imp:
Nah jk, to whatever the worlds standard is set - 4v4 lezzgo.

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Still one of my best memes to date.

“That moment when you realize squad format is not the future and you are now without a team.”

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4x4 mixed next question


im gonna ask the rest of the world on the fb group who is bidding for worlds host

my personal vote goes for budapest , home of the strongest man in the polo world, and far from the usual euro rota ( france / swiss/ italy )


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This meme works for real if you play it in that order :

  • Mongrels EHBPC 17
  • Mongrels WHBPC 17
  • Mongrels EHBPC - WHBPC 19

We did 3,3,3,3,3,3,3,5,3,4.
5 did not stick, 4 ftw.

Could we suggest EHBPC indoor in october ? In Tour genre ?
It could let this summer to several tournies around Europe and may let September more free for the hard rythme of la « rentrée »

Just a suggestion

  • mixed mandatory please ! Et on est good