EHBPC 2023 - Statistics


Here is for the EHBPC 2023. Some stats about players home courts and gender representation.

I’ve heard some great feedback about having stats at the club/country level for day-to-day polo. We have to see collectively what we can do (census) but agree it would be a great piece for the puzzle in order to see if FLINTA representation during most competitive tournaments reflects the pool of FLINTA players at club/country levels.

Hopefully these stats will support FLINTA growth at all levels in a near future.

Screenshot 2023-10-04 at 09.49.23
Screenshot 2023-10-04 at 09.49.30
Screenshot 2023-10-04 at 09.49.39
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UK numbers : few months before euro i proposed the uk comunity a form to fill up to have an idea of how many teams would like to go to euro.

the list was 5 teams but 1 was actually dublin
one team was my team ( mandem)
one team was heatwave ( but they couldnt afford both euro and worlds so they went to the worlds wildcard instead

the r’other teams droped after putting their names up so we didnt have to organize a qualifier since only 1 team from uk and one team from ireland were up.

the total amount of players in the uk is uknown to me but there is a good amount of flinta players ,but still uneven compared to the men crowd.

the low attendance of UK teams gender aside could translate with a lack of time or will to attend these competitive tournaments.

Thank you for your graphics…
I just have question how you extract gender information?

Thanks! Only based on my knowledge with some help as well from the community. This is why these are estimates, this is not coming out of a census.

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Thanks for clearification!

maybe post the link of the excel tab we filled up ?