Engineers of Poloverse Please Save my Sorry Ass

Rahme Bullnium

here’s my cargo frame; here’s a pic of the steering


and here’s the problem: when I use the front brake (recently torn off by stupidity) it will block my steering so that I have to use a lot of force.

Front brake was the last thing I installed and I was pretty heartbroken about it- for a second I thought this might be inherent for my steering mechanism.
But then I remembered Elian and tried his bike again and it didn’t have that problem…so who can explain what’s going on to me?
It’s too complicated for trial and error…

@Frax @Bouchaaaaard @Nele help pls


not that I’ll be able to help… but out of curiosity, can you post a pic of Elians bike?

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thanks i forgot. edit done

We definitely need some more pictures here to better understand what’s going on.

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I don’t think you posted the picture of the complete bike… I am also curious, I didn’t really get how any of the steering works. Unusual bike for sure. Love it :slight_smile:

You got any CAD drawings or a model I can look at?

hey man! actually, BIG shoutout to Max power who unfortunately doesn’t seem to have a profile here. he solved it. all it took in the end was to move the position of the caliper by like 2 cm. He couldn’t really explain why or I just wouldn’t understand but it works now and Im happy


Haha. Max is a bloody genius/legend. I wondered if that would matter. Maybe the steering axis had to be in special relationship to the braking force. Wild bike you have! Anywhere I can look at it in more detail? Insta?

will be soon inshallah. i’ll post a link here

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