Etna Clash Vol. 2 (6-7 January 2023)

Eliodoro Bike Polo Catania wants you at:
Etna Clash Vol.2

Get a cheap flight, catch a train, cycle, drive, hitchhike, walk, swim or run to Catania, Sicily, Italy

Enjoy your holiday playing bikepolo, bring your friends, pets, family, we will be happy to offer free accomodation to everyone and/or suggest cheap places where to sleep near the court.

You can ship your polobikes and gears to our sponsor bikeshop.

Don’t miss the chance to enjoy great bikepolo, good food, sun and fun time together.

Feel free to contact us anytime here on poloverse or at:

Team list (being updated)

  1. PASTABOYS - Paparella (Pescara), Marasà (Torino), Suino (Catania)
  2. TBA - Dodi (Munich), Nando (Catania), Fabri (Catania)
  3. ALLORA - Gitti (Berlin), Lette (Berlin), Johannes (Berlin)
  4. KINDER MAXI - Enrico EZ, Max Newstead (Berlin), Nets (Catania)
  5. TBA - Pyetro (Milano), Phil (Torino), tba
  6. GYM NASIUM - Cacare (Catania), Lorentz (S. Gregorio), Melo (Catania)
  7. BLACKBIRDS - Frix (Hannover), Max (Taranto), Pedo (Fano)
  8. CHAINBREAK - Kaka, Jesus, Scimmia (Catania)

io sono interessato ci metto la testa nel weekend e vi dico

ma non era un format speciale tipo bench?

Are you all still planning on doing this tournament?

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Yes but unfortunately has been postponed because of the lack of registered teams.

They are planning to do it on the Epiphany (around the 6th of January 2023)… but let’s hear something from @scimmia


Post updated: the tournament has been postponed to January.

Hurry up and register!!

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Registrazioni quando aprono? Quante squadre?

Mo cerco di organizzare!

ciao ragazzi belli e brutti
free agent i am


Registration are already open!

Hey Dodi, let’s Play together!

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Free agent. Lefty

  1. GYM NASIUM - Cacare, Lorentz, Melo

Might be free agent :grimacing: