Forum good, social media bad

One of my favorite youtube channels just dropped an interesting video! It relates directly to why I love poloverse, and gives me new motivation to continue to grow the platform.

Check it out!



we should really think of a proper way to deal with the very large polo community

right now it spread on many platform :

-instagram : probably the most popular as we speak , its engaging and easy, and it allows newcomers to easily find a club in their city. everyone use it and most people who used to be on fb moved to insta

-facebook : still in the game and active with big pages such as second hand market , world lounge and the rules discussion ( but maybe not for long 🥲 )

  • whatsapp : more of a private and day to day wayfor clubs to organizer their training schedule

  • telegram : and alternative to the use of whatsapp but also with some mid term planning , such as tournaments ! i got used to it recently and its okay-ish but a bit overwhelming with the amount of chat happening on each threads sometimes.

  • and finally poloverse, a replacement to leagueofbike polo , a old school forum