Forum management, legal structure

Haven’t found any post about that yet but how have you planned to manage this place?

Is this a few guys/girl project with all decisionnal power ?
Is this an associative non-profit kind of structure, with committee and general assembly ?
Is this something else, more “clubs based” in which all “clubs” could have a voice/input into the major forum decision ?

I guess it’s pretty important to think through this at the very beginning because you never know what could happen and how decisions could be seen.

I totally get that it could just be a cool few-people project but if the aim is to be the place of the major bike polo communications it should be build on strong principles, almost like a “manifeste”.

For exemple i’ve few idea in mind like:

  • the goal of this space (the forum) is to provide an independant discussion plateform (outside GAFAM)
  • the goal of this space is to promote and verify that equality respected within his forums
  • the goal of this space is to be financially independant (no ads ?)
  • this space (the forum) must be 100% financially transparent
  • this space (the forum) is the property of … (the bike polo forum association ?)
  • the owner garantee that the goals of this space is met on a annual basis
  • etc…

It’s just few examples to start the discussion of course.

Have you already talked about that ?

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We have not really discussed this yet, but it is a good discussion to have.

At the moment it is a little bit a few cool guys, but I think a peaceful transition to democracy could be a good thing. Democracy is messy though…

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All right, i don’t know if it should be 100% democratic but at least i think one of the first principle should be somethings like:
The forums must guarantee the stay online regardless of the “board” or “proprietary” changes.
With all the platform online it’s always challenging to invest time and effort and not be sure that the conditions or the existence of the platform may change over the years.

Hi Quentin,

Here are my thoughts about it after having talked a bit with Alejandro and Django.

The whole EHBA is in dire need for some more structure. Now, it basically is a logo and a website - both of which see no use. What it should be is a bit open, but at least it would be nice to have some central structure which can handle money for tournaments and - say - a forum.

Creating such a structure is a bit challenging, since there is no central channel on which all of Europe bike polo can be reached.

So instead of focusing on creating such a thing first, I think it’s good to create a channel where these things can be discussed semi-democratically. (And then handled in the typical polo fashion, a dictator ship by the ones who actually do stuff haha.)

So to summarise: Yes, let’s talk about this, but let’s also not over-estimate how urgent it is for this whole polo-forum endeavour. :slight_smile:

(btw, there’s also some legal questions for which it would probably be nice to have a club - like the impressum for the website etc. For now I think it is ok if one of us takes this responsibility, but in the long run having a better solution would be good!)

good question, I’d like to pick it up again: I’d say we should definitely include this topic in our ‘about’ text. Would be cool to have a digital GA once a year where every club can send one rep (who can still be in contact with the rest of the club if they want) - there we could discuss ehba and poloverse issues and then vote for a ehba team. maybe two members of this team could be in charge of the forum, maybe as well as communication and ga orga for ehba. they would also be in charge of ensuring someone (not necessarily them) is taking care of maintenance for poloverse…
this could be an outlook we describe on our ‘about’ text.


legal structure is a whole new can of worms. I think best would be to open up an open ‘ehba’ topic or better yet sub-category and discuss this there because imho forum and ehba should be closely intertwined