Gameplan Wördern

So we can play in WÖRDERN 2x/month during the winterseaon! :partying_face:
We are just about to negotiate the price, but its not gonna be more than schmelz - more infos soon!

I can already give you the
!!! WÖRDERN GAMEPLAN !!! its always SAT OR SUN, every two weeks! Time is adapted to the sunset!
Save it in your calendar, get off from work, pin it on the fridge or get it tattooed, whatever it takes you come, so we are enough people!!
----------[] :purple_heart: []-----------

we can use toilets, energy and lights there!



Is it ok if I move this post in our public club category?

i thought thats where i posted it?

we have two rooms, one closed, one open :slight_smile:

thanks astrid!


Stefan negotiated a price € 20/ hour, thx for that!
If we cancel the day bcs of weather or not enough players, we dont have to pay!
We have to pay to Wördern every Quartal, meaning twice: end of december/ end of march

We decided to make a LIST IN A GOOGLE DOC to document who came to Wördern on the particular day. in the end of the Quartal we split the daily price to the amount of players and have a individual total price to pay for each player!
IMPORTANT: if you come, you pay for the whole day, meaning the price is equally split to the amount of players (regardless of how many hours you played that day)

The advantages of this list are:

  • that we can also count in visitors (poloplayers from other cities) or people who dont play frequently.
  • everyone has access to the list
  • if we cancel a whole day bcs of weather or not enough player, we automatically dont pay for it
  • no cash collecting on the court; only sending money twice online

Thank you and looking forward to play <3

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so i am just about to plan WÖRDERN for September and the last Quartal of this year (okt-dez). There are Options i want to discuss with you, so please get out your calendars and help me decide :slight_smile: (it is okay, if you dont take part in this decision, but then you have to take what you get :wink: )

1. Option (maybe too much Wördern):
11.9. only from 16.00 possible
25.9. whole day
(1.+2.10 Linz Shuffle inbetween)
9.10. whole day
15.+16.10. ÖHBPM Wördern
23.10. (maybe cancel bcs too much?)
= 9-10 Wörderndays

2. Option (maybe not enough Wördern) - shift the 2 week rythm to one week later
18.9. whole day
(1.+2. Linz Shuffle Tourney)
15.+16. ÖHBPM Wördern
25.12.? (cancel?)
= 7-8 Wörderndays

3. Option - shift the 2 weeks rythm after the ÖHBPM
11.9. from 16.00
(1.+2. Linz Shuffle Tourney)
15.+16. ÖHBPM
25.12. (?)
= 9-10 Wörderndays


I’m for Options 1 and 3! Can’t have enough Wördern :grin:

I would definitely like to play as much as possible while it is still warm :sun_with_face: So options 1 and 3, with 2 dates in September, sound good…in November and December I will only make the trip to Wördern if global warming has a sufficient impact on the local weather.


I take 1 + 3 as well.

I assume it’s much easier to set dates already till the end of the year, but how annoying is to decide about some of the weekends, eg. when we are done with ÖHBPM? :grimacing:


I think it’s good to tell Laurin the Dates now, so we can arrange with their trainings! Of course it’s is Still a bit flexible after that!
I would take option 1, take advantage of the food weather this weekend / maybe cancel the weekend after the Öhbpm!
bcs option 2&3 have the 25.12. and it’s very likely not gonna happen!

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so maybe let’s already cancel the 25.12?
and news news news: we entered Maribel again. some work to be done, but seems we could use it in the winter again. obviously hard to rely on it, but we could play there at least every second weekend between Wördern then.

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have we decided on any option with Wördern?

Kind of a silence one. Play dates are in the google sheet above

ah, right. thanks Johanna. :slight_smile:

Please add me to the number of players on 25.9. I wasnt there but cancelled the day before. Thats what we agreed on anyway.

hello to everyone in '23.
should we all agree on some winter dates for this year?
every second weekend, starting from 14/15 of January?

additionally, I have a friend flying to Vienna with a bike to play in Karlovačko (28-29/01). not many teams yet, so it would be nice to have this weekend polo-secured with a possibility of canceling if Karlovačko takes place. :slight_smile:

Yes to all your points! I’ll go to Karlovac as well. Let’s propose the dates in the BPV chat!