hi its me again.

i ll compile a few ressources i found useful to understand headsets.

chris king inset ( for a tapered fork like stolen its inset 7)

Hope tech (all headsets )

i use these to remember the sizes of wich headset i need to buy, and then get cheapo ones on ebay. its worth investing in good quality bearings as the lower ones will usually break from all the pivoting.

I usually press in the cups myself, with no other tools than a stair case , a pair of sandals to protect the frame , a U lock and a piece of wood to hammer the headset in. same tools for extraction so if you fail aligning the cups in the frame perfectly you can always extract them and tey again easily.

I’m just gonna add here, you can build a headset press for like $10. All you need is a large bolt, or threaded rod, some flat washers and a nut. Makes everything way easier and a little more official.

As someone who loved wailing on bmx frames with a claw hammer to put mid bbs in, sometimes it’s worth investing in a legit-ish tool.