Help Wanted For Cargo Bike Project - I Can Pay You $$$

hey friends-

I am urgently looking for hands to help me with my cargo bike project. I want to build 30 bikes this fall / winter where I live (kollnau, germany) and my was-to-be-partner just dropped because he couldn’t find the time.

So I need someone to cut tubes, work the mill/ lathe, weld, CAD draw, prototype small parts, shop for parts, improve the workshop and so on.

I realised I can do anything by myself but I can’t do everything.

You need: motivation, time, to be somewhat reliable, into bikes and understand basics of mechanics. Anything else I can teach you. If you have more of the above-mentioned skills, all the better

There might be an option to stay at my amazing place next to the workshop but we would need to sort that out quickly. The idea would be that you come live here for the time it takes to build the series, anything else is up for negotiation.

$: if you have limited experience / skills and would like to learn, i will give you less, if you are a pro and will be super heklpful, I will give you more. Will be more than minimum wage + life here is verrrry cheap and beautiful. part of it will be comission once the first bikes are sold. we will figure it out :slight_smile:

So if you don’t have fixed plans for this fall / winter, just HIT ME UP! Tagging of friends/ forwarding appreciated. there are some infos/ pics here but for now it’s only german:

Easiest way: (+49) 15207655690 telegram signal whatever.

@Danana @LaPassoire @LePabs @maxpower @Zita